VStream® Windscreens

From: $107.95

To: $405.95

National Cycle's VStream® Windscreens have turned the motorcycle windscreen world upside down – literally! The patented, unique inverted "V" profile creates a quiet and comfortable riding experience unequalled by any windscreen on the market. If you're looking for a sport-touring windscreen that WORKS... look no further than National Cycle's VStream!

VStream® Windscreens Applications
Part No.Make/ModelYearsPolycarbonateHeightWidth
N28214M696/796/1100+2008-14FMR; Light Tint18.00" (45.7cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N28213M821+2015-19FMR; Dark Tint15.25" (38.7cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N28214M821+2015-19FMR; Light Tint18.00" (45.7cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N20503Multistrada 950/S2017-20Quantum; Dk. Tint14.63" (37.1cm)314.75" (37.5cm)
N20504Multistrada 950/S2017-20Quantum; Lt. Tint20.00" (50.8Cm)314.75" (37.5cm)
N20505Multistrada 950/S2017-20Quantum; Clear22.50" (57.1cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20500Multistrada 1200/S2010-12FMR; Clear22.50" (57.1cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20502Multistrada 1200/S2010-12FMR; Dk. Tint17.50" (44.5cm)313.50" (34.3cm)
N20503Multistrada 12002015-17Quantum; Dk. Tint14.63" (37.1cm)314.75" (37.5cm)
N20504Multistrada 12002015-17Quantum; Lt. Tint20.00" (50.8Cm)314.75" (37.5cm)
N20505Multistrada 12002015-17Quantum; Clear22.50" (57.1cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20503Multistrada 12602018-20Quantum; Dk. Tint14.63" (37.1cm)314.75" (37.5cm)
N20504Multistrada 12602018-20Quantum; Lt. Tint20.00" (50.8Cm)314.75" (37.5cm)
N20505Multistrada 12602018-20Quantum; Clear22.50" (57.1cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20401FLHT Models1996-13Quantum; Clear17.00" (43.2cm)219.25" (48.9cm)
N20403FLHT Models1996-13Quantum; Clear14.00" (35.5cm)218.75" (47.6cm)
N20404FLHT Models1996-13Quantum; Dk. Tint10.75" (27.3cm)217.63" (44.8cm)
N20405FLHT Models1996-13Quantum; Dk. Tint07.25" (18.4cm)216.00" (40.6cm)
N20406FLHT Models1996-13Quantum; Lt. Tint10.75" (27.3cm)217.63" (44.8cm)
N20407FLHT Models2014-22Quantum; Clear14.50" (39.4cm)2Stock Width
N20408FLHT Models2014-22Quantum; Clear11.50" (29.2cm)2Stock Width
N20409FLHT Models2014-22Quantum; Lt. Tint09.50" (24.1cm)2Stock Width
N20410FLHT Models2014-22Quantum; Lt. Tint07.50" (19.0cm)2Stock Width
N20411FLHT Models2014-22Quantum; Dk. Tint07.25" (18.4cm)2Stock Width
N20401FLHX Models2006-13Quantum; Clear17.00" (43.2cm)219.25" (48.9cm)
N20403FLHX Models2006-13Quantum; Clear14.00" (35.5cm)218.75" (47.6cm)
N20404FLHX Models2006-13Quantum; Dk. Tint10.75" (27.3cm)217.63" (44.8cm)
N20405FLHX Models2006-13Quantum; Dk. Tint07.25" (18.4cm)216.00" (40.6cm)
N20406FLHX Models2006-13Quantum; Lt. Tint10.75" (27.3cm)217.63" (44.8cm)
N20407FLHX Models2014-22Quantum; Clear14.50" (39.4cm)2Stock Width
N20408FLHX Models2014-22Quantum; Clear11.50" (29.2cm)2Stock Width
N20409FLHX Models2014-22Quantum; Lt. Tint09.50" (24.1cm)2Stock Width
N20410FLHX Models2014-22Quantum; Lt. Tint07.50" (19.0cm)2Stock Width
N20411FLHX Models2014-22Quantum; Dk. Tint07.25" (18.4cm)2Stock Width
N20421FLTR Models1998-13Quantum; Clear18.00" (45.7cm)1Stock Width
N20422FLTR Models1998-13Quantum; Clear15.25" (38.7cm)1Stock Width
N20423FLTR Models1998-13Quantum; Dk. Tint09.25" (23.5cm)1Stock Width
N20424FLTR Models1998-13Quantum; Lt. Tint09.25" (23.5cm)1Stock Width
N20425FLTR Models1998-13Quantum; Clear12.00" (30.5cm)1Stock Width
N20431FLTR Models2014-22Quantum; Clear16.00" (40.6cm)1Stock Width
N20432FLTR Models2014-22Quantum; Lt. Tint12.50" (31.7cm)1Stock Width
N20433FLTR Models2014-22Quantum; Dk. Tint09.00" (22.8cm)1Stock Width
N20060X-ADV2017-19Quantum; Clear20.00" (50.8cm)312.00" (30.5cm)
N20061X-ADV2017-19Quantum; Clear22.50" (57.1cm)313.75" (34.9cm)
N20062X-ADV2017-19Quantum; Clear25.00" (63.5cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N20054CB500F+2013-18FMR; Dk. Tint16.00" (40.6cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20055CB500F+2013-18FMR; Lt. Tint19.25" (48.9cm)318.25" (46.3cm)
N20056CB500F+2013-18FMR; Clear21.75" (55.2cm)319.25" (48.9cm)
N20045CB500X2013-15FMR; Dk. Tint15.25" (38.7cm)315.50" (39.3cm)
N20046CB500X2013-15FMR; Lt. Tint18.00" (45.7cm)315.50" (39.3cm)
N20047CB500X2013-15FMR; Clear21.00" (53.3cm)315.50" (39.3cm)
N20063CB500X2019-21Quantum; Dk. Tint16.75" (42.5cm)312.38" (31.4cm)
N20064CB500X2019-21Quantum; Lt. Tint19.25" (48.9cm)313.50" (34.3cm)
N20065CB500X2019-21Quantum; Clear21.75" (55.2cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N20066CB500X2019-21Quantum; Lt. Tint16.75" (42.5cm)312.38" (31.4cm)
N20007NC700X/XA/XD+2013-15FMR; Dk. Tint15.00" (38.1cm)313.00" (33.0cm)
N20008NC700X/XA/XD+2013-15FMR; Lt. Tint18.50" (47.0cm)314.37" (36.5cm)
N20009NC700X/XA/XD+2013-15FMR; Clear22.00" (55.9cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20002NT700V/NT700VA2010-11Quantum; Clear19.30" (49.0cm)321.25" (54.0cm)
N20057CRF1000L2015-19Quantum; Dk. Tint17.25" (43.8cm)314.25" (36.2cm)
N20058CRF1000L2015-19Quantum; Lt. Tint20.25" (51.4cm)317.50" (44.4cm)
N20059CRF1000L2015-19Quantum; Clear23.00" (58.4cm)318.75" (47.6cm)
N20057CRF1100L Adv. Sports2020-22Quantum; Dk. Tint17.25" (43.8cm)314.25" (36.2cm)
N20058CRF1100L Adv. Sports2020-22Quantum; Lt. Tint20.25" (51.4cm)317.50" (44.4cm)
N20059CRF1100L Adv. Sports2020-22Quantum; Clear23.00" (58.4cm)318.75" (47.6cm)
N20005VFR12002010-13Quantum; Lt. Tint12.38" (31.4cm)415.25" (38.7cm)
N20006VFR12002010-13Quantum; Lt. Tint14.13" (35.8cm)417.00" (43.2cm)
N20001ST13002003-12Quantum; Clear19.00" (48.2cm)323.30" (59.2cm)
N20031GL1500 Gold WingA1988-00Quantum; Clear25.75" (65.4cm)125.50" (64.8cm)
N20032GL1500 Gold WingB1988-00Quantum; Clear25.75" (65.4cm)125.50" (64.8cm)
N20012GL1800 Gold WingA2001-17Quantum; Clear22.00" (55.9cm)126.00" (66.0cm)
N20012AGL1800 Gold WingB2001-17Quantum; Clear22.00" (55.9cm)126.00" (66.0cm)
N20014GL1800 Gold WingC2001-17Quantum; Clear22.00" (55.9cm)126.00" (66.0cm)
N20016GL1800 F6B2013-16Quantum; Dk. Tint09.33" (23.7cm)125.25" (64.1cm)
N20017GL1800 F6B2013-16Quantum; Lt. Tint12.80" (32.5cm)126.00" (66.0cm)
N20018GL1800 F6B2013-16Quantum; Clear16.33" (41.5cm)126.25" (66.7cm)
N20019GL1800 Gold Wing Deluxe+C2018-22Quantum; Clear16.88" (42.8cm)321.88" (55.5cm)
N20020GL1800 Gold Wing Deluxe+C2018-22Quantum; Clear19.00" (48.3cm)324.25" (61.6cm)
N20022GL1800 Gold Wing2018-22Quantum; Clear17.75" (45.1cm)321.38" (54.3cm)
N20023GL1800 Gold Wing2018-22Quantum; Clear19.75" (50.1cm)322.38" (56.8cm)
N20024GL1800 Gold Wing2018-22Quantum; Clear21.75" (55.2cm)323.25" (59.0cm)
N20703Chieftain/Roadmaster2014-22Quantum; Dk. Tint11.25" (28.6cm)323.25" (59.0cm)
N20704Chieftain/Roadmaster2014-22Quantum; Lt. Tint14.25" (36.2cm)325.25" (64.1cm)
N20705Chieftain/Roadmaster2014-22Quantum; Lt. Tint17.25" (43.8cm)327.25" (69.2cm)
N20108EX300 Ninja2013-17FMR; Dk. Tint17.13" (43.5cm)314.00" (35.5cm)
N20111EX300 Ninja2013-17FMR; Lt. Tint17.13" (43.5cm)314.00" (35.5cm)
N20109EX300 Ninja2013-17FMR; Lt. Tint20.50" (52.1cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20110EX300 Ninja2013-17FMR; Clear24.25" (61.6cm)318.00" (45.7cm)
N20124KLE300 Versys-X2017-22Quantum; Dk. Tint13.63" (34.6cm)313.25" (33.6cm)
N20125KLE300 Versys-X2017-22Quantum; Lt. Tint16.00" (40.6cm)314.00" (35.5cm)
N20126KLE300 Versys-X2017-22Quantum; Clear18.63" (47.3cm)314.75" (37.4cm)
N20100KLE650 Versys2008-09Quantum; Clear14.75" (37.4cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N20112KLR6502008-18Quantum; Dk. Tint15.75" (40.0cm)112.00" (30.5cm)
N20113KLR6502008-18Quantum; Lt. Tint18.00" (45.7cm)114.50" (35.6cm)
N20114KLR6502008-18Quantum; Clear20.75" (52.7cm)116.00" (40.6cm)
N20115KLE650 Versys2015-16Quantum; Dk. Tint13.25" (33.6cm)313.38" (33.9cm)
N20116KLE650 Versys2015-16Quantum; Lt. Tint15.75" (40.0cm)314.25" (36.2cm)
N20117KLE650 Versys2015-16Quantum; Clear18.25" (46.3cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N20118KLE650 Versys2017-19Quantum; Dk. Tint13.25" (33.6cm)313.38" (33.9cm)
N20119KLE650 Versys2017-19Quantum; Lt. Tint15.75" (40.0cm)314.25" (36.2cm)
N20120KLE650 Versys2017-19Quantum; Clear18.25" (46.3cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N20133Z6502017-20Quantum; Clear13.63 (34.6cm)311.00" (27.9cm)
N20134Z6502017-20Quantum; Clear17.63" (44.7cm)313.88" (35.2cm)
N20135Z6502017-20Quantum; Clear21.63" (54.9cm)314.63" (37.1cm)
N20115KLE1000 Versys2015-16Quantum; Dk. Tint13.25" (33.6cm)313.38" (33.9cm)
N20116KLE1000 Versys2015-16Quantum; Lt. Tint15.75" (40.0cm)314.25" (36.2cm)
N20117KLE1000 Versys2015-16Quantum; Clear18.25" (46.3cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N20118KLE1000 Versys2017-18Quantum; Dk. Tint13.25" (33.6cm)313.38" (33.9cm)
N20119KLE1000 Versys2017-18Quantum; Lt. Tint15.75" (40.0cm)314.25" (36.2cm)
N20120KLE1000 Versys2017-18Quantum; Clear18.25" (46.3cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N20136KLE1000 Versys2019-22Quantum; Dk. Tint15.50" (39.4cm)315.75" (40.0cm)
N20137KLE1000 Versys2019-22Quantum; Lt. Tint18.50" (47.0cm)316.25" (41.3cm)
N20130Z9002017-19Quantum; Clear11.75" (29.8cm)311.88" (30.1cm)
N20131Z9002017-19Quantum; Clear15.25" (38.7cm)314.38" (36.5cm)
N20132Z9002017-19Quantum; Clear18.00" (45.7cm)314.63" (37.1cm)
N20105Z1000SX Ninja2011-16FMR; Dk. Tint19.50" (49.5cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20106Z1000SX Ninja2011-16FMR; Lt. Tint19.50" (49.5cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20107Z1000SX Ninja2011-16FMR; Clear22.38" (56.8cm)317.00" (43.2cm)
N20121Z1000SX Ninja2017-19Quantum; Dk. Tint15.38" (39.0cm)312.63" (32.0cm)
N20122Z1000SX Ninja2017-19Quantum; Lt. Tint18.00" (45.7cm)312.75" (32.4cm)
N20123Z1000SX Ninja2017-19Quantum; Clear22.50" (57.1cm)314.50" (39.4cm)
N20127H2 SX/SX SE Ninja2018-20Quantum; Dk. Tint15.50" (39.4cm)116.50" (41.9cm)
N20128H2 SX/SX SE Ninja2018-20Quantum; Lt. Tint17.00" (43.2cm)116.13" (41.0cm)
N20129H2 SX/SX SE Ninja2018-20Quantum; Clear19.25" (48.9cm)116.25" (41.3cm)
N20102ZG1400A Concours2008-13Quantum; Clear24.10" (61.3cm)321.00" (53.3cm)
N208001050/90/1190 Adventure/R2014-18FMR; Dk. Tint13.75" (35.0cm)314.75" (37.4cm)
N208011050/90/1190 Adventure/R2014-18FMR; Lt. Tint16.25" (41.3cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N208021050/90/1190 Adventure/R2014-18FMR; Clear18.50" (47.0cm)316.75" (42.5cm)
N208031050/90/1190 Adventure/R2014-18FMR; Lt. Tint13.75" (35.0cm)314.75" (37.4cm)
N208041290 Super Duke GT2017-18FMR; Dk. Tint14.50" (36.8cm)314.00" (35.5cm)
N208051290 Super Duke GT2017-18FMR; Lt. Tint14.50" (36.8cm)314.00" (35.5cm)
N208061290 Super Duke GT2017-18FMR; Clear17.00" (43.2cm)314.50" (36.8cm)
N208071290 Super Adventure/T2015-18Quantum; Dk. Tint13.75" (35.0cm)314.75" (37.4cm)
N208081290 Super Adventure/T2015-18Quantum; Lt. Tint16.25" (41.3cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N208091290 Super Adventure/T2015-18Quantum; Clear18.50" (47.0cm)316.75" (42.5cm)
N20240GSR600+2006-11FMR; Dk. Tint13.85" (35.2cm)318.00" (45.7cm)
N20213DL650 V-Strom2004-12FMR; Clear23.00" (58.4cm)319.00" (48.3cm)
N20215DL650 V-Strom2012-16FMR; Lt. Tint22.30" (56.6cm)317.70" (45.0cm)
N20216DL650 V-Strom2012-16Quantum; Clear25.80" (65.5cm)317.70" (45.0cm)
N20220DL650 V-Strom2017-20FMR; Dk. Tint14.00" (35.5cm)314.25" (36.2cm)
N20221DL650 V-Strom2017-20Quantum; Lt. Tint16.50" (41.9cm)316.38" (41.6cm)
N20222DL650 V-Strom2017-20Quantum; Clear19.00" (48.2cm)317.38" (44.1cm)
N28216M50 Boulevard+2010-19Quantum; Dk. Tint19.50" (49.5cm)316.60" (42.2cm)
N28217M50 Boulevard+2010-19Quantum; Lt. Tint22.20" (56.4cm)317.10" (43.4cm)
N20213DL1000 V-Strom2004-12Quantum; Clear23.00" (58.4cm)319.00" (48.3cm)
N20217ADL1000 V-Strom2014-19FMR; Dk. Tint14.00" (35.5cm)313.75" (34.9cm)
N20218ADL1000 V-Strom2014-19Quantum; Lt. Tint16.50" (41.9cm)316.00" (41.6cm)
N20219ADL1000 V-Strom2014-19Quantum; Clear16.50" (41.9cm)318.50" (47.0cm)
N20200GSF1250 Bandit2007-16Quantum; Clear22.00" (55.9cm)316.50" (42.0cm)
N20201GSF1250 Bandit2007-16Quantum; Lt. Tint19.00" (48.3cm)315.50" (39.4cm)
N28208M90 Boulevard+2009-19Quantum; Dk. Tint19.50" (49.5cm)316.60" (42.2cm)
N28209M90 Boulevard+2009-19Quantum; Dk. Tint22.20" (54.6cm)317.10" (43.4cm)
N28210M90 Boulevard+2009-19Quantum; Lt. Tint22.20" (54.6cm)317.10" (43.4cm)
N28201M109R Boulevard+2006-22Quantum; Dk. Tint07.00" (17.8cm)416.50" (41.9cm)
N28202M109R Boulevard+2006-22Quantum; Dk. Tint10.00" (25.4cm)417.00" (43.2cm)
N28203M109R Boulevard+2006-22Quatnum; Lt. Tint10.00" (25.4cm)417.00" (43.2cm)
N20600Tiger 800/800XC+2011-16FMR; Dk. Tint14.00" (35.5cm)319.00" (48.3cm)
N20601Tiger 800/800XC+2011-16FMR; Lt. Tint18.00" (45.7cm)319.00" (48.3cm)
N20602Tiger 800/800XC+2011-16Quantum; Clear21.00" (53.3cm)319.00" (48.3cm)
N20604Tiger Explorer 12002010-15FMR; Lt. Tint20.40" (51.8cm)318.60" (47.2cm)
N20605Tiger Explorer 12002010-15Quantum; Clear24.00" (61.0cm)319.60" (49.8cm)
N20606Trophy/SE 12002013-16FMR; Lt. Tint17.63" (44.7cm)323.25" (59.0cm)
N20607Trophy/SE 12002013-16FMR; Clear21.00" (53.3cm)324.75" (62.8cm)
N20608Trophy/SE 12002013-16FMR; Clear18.75" (41.6cm)324.75" (62.8cm)
N20700Cross Country/Tour2010-17FMR; Clear12.25" (31.1cm)125.75" (64.4cm)
N20701Cross Country/Tour2010-17FMR; Lt. Tint10.25" (26.0cm)125.75" (64.4cm)
N20702Cross Country/Tour2010-17Quantum; Dk. Tint08.25" (21.0cm)125.75" (64.4cm)
N20313FZ-07+2014-16FMR; Dk. Tint12.00" (30.5cm)315.50" (39.4cm)
N20314FZ-07+2014-16FMR; Lt. Tint15.00" (38.1cm)315.50" (39.4cm)
N20315FZ-07+2014-16FMR; Clear18.00" (45.7cm)317.50" (44.4cm)
N20328MT-07+2018-19Quantum; Dk. Tint09.00" (22.9cm)315.50" (39.4cm)
N20329MT-07+2018-19Quantum; Lt. Tint12.50" (32.5cm)315.50" (39.4cm)
N20330MT-07+2018-19Quantum; Clear16.75" (42.5cm)317.50" (44.4cm)
N20337Ténéré 7002020 Quantum; Lt. Tint12.00" (30.5cm)313.00" (33.0cm)
N20338Ténéré 7002020 Quantum; Lt. Tint15.25" (38.7cm)315.00" (38.1cm)
N20339Ténéré 7002020 Quantum; Clear18.00" (45.7cm)317.00" (43.2cm)
N20310FZ-09+2014-16Quantum; Dk. Tint09.00" (22.9cm)315.50" (39.4cm)
N20311FZ-09+2014-16Quantum; Lt. Tint12.50" (32.5cm)315.50" (39.4cm)
N20312FZ-09+2014-16Quantum; Clear16.75" (42.5cm)317.50" (44.4cm)
N20322FZ-09/MT-09+2017-19FMR; Dk. Tint15.25" (38.7cm)314.75" (37.5cm)
N20323FZ-09/MT-09+2017-19FMR; Lt. Tint18.38" (46.7cm)315.50" (39.4cm)
N20324FZ-09/MT-09+2017-19FMR; Clear21.38" (54.3cm)316.75" (42.5cm)
N20316FJ-09/MT-09 Tracer+2015-17FMR; Dk.Tint17.63" (44.7cm)312.75" (32.4cm)
N20317FJ-09/MT-09 Tracer+2015-17FMR; Lt.Tint20.50" (52.0cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20318FJ-09/MT-09 Tracer+2015-17FMR; Clear23.63" (60.0cm)317.50" (44.4cm)
N20331900 Tracer GT2018-19Quantum; Dk. Tint17.88" (45.4cm)312.63" (32.0cm)
N20332900 Tracer GT2018-19Quantum; Lt. Tint21.00" (53.3cm)314.75" (37.4cm)
N20333900 Tracer GT2018-19Quantum; Clear24.00" (61.0cm)317.63" (44.7cm)
N20303FZ-12006-10Quantum; Clear20.50" (52.0cm)316.50" (41.9cm)
N20325FZ-10/MT-102017-19Quantum; Dk. Tint13.50" (34.3cm)312.63" (32.1cm)
N20326FZ-10/MT-102017-19Quantum; Lt. Tint16.00" (40.6cm)313.50" (34.3cm)
N20327FZ-10/MT-102017-19Quantum; Clear18.50" (47.0cm)314.00" (35.5cm)
N20305XT1200 Super Ténéré2012-13FMR; Lt. Tint21.25" (54.0cm)316.00" (40.6cm)
N20306XT1200 Super Ténéré2012-13Quantum; Clear24.25" (61.5cm)317.00" (43.2cm)
N20320XT1200 Super Ténéré2014-22FMR; Lt. Tint21.75" (55.3cm)315.75" (40.0cm)
N20321XT1200 Super Ténéré2014-22Quantum; Clear24.00" (60.9cm)316.75" (42.5cm)
N20301FJR13002001-05Quantum; Clear20.50" (52.0cm)321.50" (54.6cm)
N20302FJR13002006-12Quantum; Clear20.50" (52.0cm)321.50" (54.6cm)
N20307FJR13002013-22Quantum; Dk. Tint17.25" (43.8cm)320.50" (52.0cm)
N20308FJR13002013-22Quantum; Lt. Tint20.25" (51.4cm)320.50" (52.0cm)
N20309FJR13002013-22Quantum; Clear23.25" (59.0cm)320.50" (52.0cm)


A Without vent hole
B With vent hole; use existing OEM vent and hardware or use National Cycle's 23050 Replacement Vent
C Includes National Cycle's 23050 Replacement Vent and exclusive RainZip® pre-treatment

1 Centerline measurement from top of fairing edge to top of screen
2 Centerline measurement from bottom center mount hole to top of screen
3 Centerline measurement from top of screen to bottom edge of screen
4 Measured from top of stock headlight shroud to top of windscreen

All widths are measured in a straight horizontal line across the back of the screens at their widest point.


+ VStream+ Windscreens include custom-made, highly engineered and super-strong mounting hardware to accommodate bikes that have no provision for bolt-on windscreens.

VStream+ Mount Kits are included for some models to provide sufficient strength and rigidity to mount taller, touring-sized windscreens.

All VStream+ hardware is designed specifically for each model bike and is finished to match the bike's OEM finish.

VStream+ Mount Kits are included with the windshield.

Quantum® Hardcoated
FMR Hardcoated
Includes Mount Kit
Uses OEM Hardware
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Product Benefits

van Karman Vortex

The typical airflow pattern of the wake from most windscreens is called a van Karman vortex. At speeds of 50-90 mph, the air swirls off the windscreen in an approximate 90-degree segment of rotation, hits the bottom of the rider's neck on the way up, and curves off the shoulder at approximately 45 degrees.

We gave the VStream® its name for the shape it takes at the upper edge. The patented "V" shape is so quiet because it pushes this vortex out and away from the side of the rider's head. The rider's helmet then resides in still air, and the passenger's environment is greatly improved as well.

Reduced wind noise... less turbulence... superior strength... perfect style. The VStream revolution is here!

Quality Features

VStream PlusVStream QualityMost VStream® Windscreens are a direct replacement for the OEM screen and reuse the same mounting screws, washers and nuts. If the mounting hardware can be improved, we supply that hardware with the windscreen.

Our line of VStream+® Windscreens are for specific models that do not include a windscreen as stock equipment. In these cases, we design and manufacture customized mount kits that attach to the triple clamps or the fork tubes. These special mounts are included with each VStream+ windscreen.


Impact ResistanceCrack Resistance

All VStream® Windscreens are made from thick, durable polycarbonate with National Cycle's exclusive Quantum® hardcoating or FMR hardcoating. These are the best quality windscreens you can get, with excellent optical clarity, unbeatable strength and unsurpassed scratch resistance.

Quantum Scratch Resistance3-Year Warranty

Our windscreens are dimensionally molded rather than flat formed for peak performance and a perfect, customized fit. All edges are routed and mount holes are precision drilled. You won't find a better windscreen than this!

All National Cycle polycarbonate windshields are covered by our 3-Year Warranty against breakage!