VStream® Replacement Windscreen; Without Vent Opening for Honda® GL1800

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Both VStream® Windscreens, the N20012A (with vent opening) and N20012 (without vent opening), will fit the 2001-14 GL1800. The 2001-05 GL1800 Gold Wing shields use a 5-point mounting system. 2006-14 GL1800 Gold Wing shields use a 3-point mounting system. Our shields are set up with 5-point mounting to fit both 2001-05 and 2006-14 GL1800 Gold Wings. On the 2006-14 GL1800, the customer will use the one middle and two outer mounting points only.

Stock GL1800's from 2001-03 did not have a vent. If the customer want to use the VStream windscreen with the vent opening (N20012A), they will need to order a replacement vent from Honda or an aftermarket replacement vent.

Additional Information

Windscreen VStream®
Material Lexan® Polycarbonate
Material Finish Quantum® Hardcoated
Color Clear
Thickness 4.5mm
Secondary Material None
Secondary Material Finish N/A
Mount Type Stock Mount Points

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Customer Reviews

VStream® Review by BPJen, New Jersey
"I just installed a new VStream® windscreen by National Cycle. My stock windshield was a bit cloudy and, being a 2001, it didn't have a vent. So I decided to upgrade. Looked long and hard and finally decided to try the VStream.

"First, I have to tell you how much I like the look of this thing. The lines and angles are definitely sharp looking. More importantly, I love how this thing cuts through the wind. I was looking for a shield that I could look over but still blow the air past me, and this really does that. First time out I lifted up my hand to see where the air stream was, and it was way out to the side and a good 6" over my head (I am 6'1"). I feel it really reduced the buffeting.

"I would definitely recommend this windshield." (Posted on 10/21/2014)
VStream® Review by Jerry Roebke, GL1800Riders.com
"STOCK vs. TULSA vs. VSTREAM... all in the same day.

"We have been using two Tulsa® windscreens on our '01 Wing for the past eight years now. The stock windscreen caused way too much buffeting for the wife, who is only 5' tall. First we got the Tall Tulsa, which wasn't quite enough for her, then to the X-Tall Tulsa, which worked out well.

"Note that the Tulsa is a one-position only windscreen and the others were mounted in the full-up positions to equalize the results. The whole test was aimed at finding the best of the three for the wife in the passenger seat where the wind noise and buffeting is by far the worst.

"Today started out with the modified Tulsa X-Tall, which causes a lot of wind noise for both of us, with the worst being for the wife. The wind buffeting was minimal for both of us.

"The Tulsa was removed and the stock Honda unit re-installed. At 35MPH the wife started complaining about buffeting and a lot more wind noise. At highway speed, she was ready to get off the bike and walk home. I had forgotten how much she complained eight years ago about the stock windscreen.

"Off came the stock windscreen and on went the VStream®, which I borrowed from Doyne at APEX Sports, and off we went again. The wife reported that the buffeting was gone at highway speeds, even when we were in some semi-truck wind wakes.

"In the process of testing the total comfort level, she reported that there was still some wind noise coming off of the sidecar from the right, but it was better than the Tulsa... AND that she could hear the radio much better in her headset than any other arrangement so far. After today's test rides, I asked the wife which of the four windscreens should stay on the bike: either of the Tulsa's, the stock OEM or the VStream.

"And she voted for... the VStream.

"By the way, I wasn't bothered by the slight vibration of either the stock or VStream windscreens, which is normal with polycarbonate compared to the more rigid acrylic Tulsa. I expect that when the sidecar is removed again, the problems the wife had noted with wind from the right side will go away and she will be totally comfortable. As it is, the VStream has minimized the issues for her with the Hack bolted up.

"As a result of today's test runs, APEX Sports may not get their VStream back!" (Posted on 10/21/2014)
VStream® Review by gmr31822, GL1800Riders.com
"Just installed my new VStream® windscreen today. Looks much cooler than stock. Rode first with the screen most of the way down and noticed significantly less buffeting than stock at 65 to 70MPH, and so did my wife. Even at 75MPH, the ride was much better. Really, turbulence around my head was nonexistent and I have a pretty big head! Did not notice that much flexing.

"Raised it to full height and hit the big black top. At 80MPH, there was much more flexing and when in traffic, all the more. BUT!... much less buffeting than stock. The wife noticed this, saying "much better". Found that I enjoyed the high speeds much better with this screen.

"This is the screen I have been looking for! Two thumbs up from me and the wife. I know it flexes some at high speeds, but there is a lot of wind at high speeds! As long as it holds up I am very pleased!" (Posted on 10/21/2014)
VStream® Review by VTX+Wing, GL1800Riders.com
"I just got the VStream® for my '03 Gold Wing and it's a lot better than the stock screen. The VStream does wobble a little more than the stock screen , but I cracked the vent open and a lot of it went away. The wind protection is great. My wife and I ride together a lot and we don't feel any buffeting. I think the VStream looks great and performs very well. I'm very happy with the screen." (Posted on 10/21/2014)
VStream® Review by Tim Holland
"We at Sunrise Honda have had a customer that just returned from a trip to Houston, riding a GL1800 Trike. He was tooling along and a BRICK came flying from the truck in front of him and, without hitting the ground first, it hit his VStream® Windscreen just above the vent.

"It bent the windscreen back so far that he said he felt the screen graze his chin. Then the windscreen bounced back into place and did not even receive a scratch! 'WOW', he said, 'what a windscreen!' Thanks for a great product!" (Posted on 10/21/2014)
VStream® Review by Joe, Modesto, CA
"I have had my VStream® Special Edition Windscreen for about three weeks now. I have to say it is a definite improvement over the OEM GL1800 windscreen. I was happy with the OEM and only replaced it because it seemed to be de-laminating or peeling on the inside. I am glad that I have the VStream. I have less helmet buffeting now. I ride with the vent open to the first detent and that seems to be even better.

"I have ridden it in the rain only once, but it sheds the rain much better than the OEM screen. The bugs seem to come off easier also. If anything happens to this VStream, I will be purchasing another." (Posted on 10/21/2014)
VStream® Review by Harry, West Virginia
"The N20012A VStream® Windscreen for my Gold Wing® is fantastic! It is everything advertised and more. It really does work well!" (Posted on 10/21/2014)
VStream® Review by Paul Rayment, Victoria, Australia
"G'day from Down Under,

"I recently purchased your VStream® Windscreen for my 2010 Honda® GL1800.

"All I can say is... WOW... it works. Much quieter than the original and my pillion rider is very happy (most important!) as she receives virtually NO buffeting at any speed. The VStream made our just-completed 6-day trip through the mountains an even better experience than it would have been without it... and It LOOKS GREAT too.

"Thanks, might even get one for my R1150RT." (Posted on 10/21/2014)
VStream® Review by James Devereux, Wexford, Ireland
"I recently bought the VStream® Special Edition Windscreen for my Honda® GL1800 Gold Wing in March. I haven't had time to give you some feedback until now. I just returned from a 3,200 mile trip through England, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. I have to say the windscreen worked perfectly. The bike was very stable when passing trucks on the freeway. Visibility is excellent in both dry and wet conditions, and not much wind on the rider or passenger. Your windscreen, and a steering damper I fitted to the bike, are the best modifications to the bike so far. Thanks a lot for a great product -- keep up the good work." (Posted on 10/21/2014)
VStream® Review by Tom Sharpe, Illinois
"Rode home to Joliet from your factory today with the new VStream® windscreen installed on my 2000 Honda GL1500. Here's my initial observations:

"Aerodynamically, this windscreen is a '10'. Gone is the feeling of pushing a barn door down the road. I kicked it up to 80MPH on I-55 and I could actually tell that the stock windscreen was gone. I've got 98,000+ miles on this bike and I'm very familiar with it's handling characteristics. The front end feels a little lighter and more nimble. My suspicion is that this is due to a more aerodynamic shape and to the increase in slope.

"This screen is definitely more solid than the OEM screen. It's fairly windy out and going 80MPH creates its own wind. The windscreen is very stable.

"Optics are first rate. Looking through this screen is like looking through glass. Same reason I bought your Plexifairing for my Honda 550 thirty-one years ago." (Posted on 10/21/2014)
VStream® Review by Michael Coleman
"I have a 1998 Gold Wing GL1500 SE. I recently had to replace my stock windscreen because of a crack. Naturally, I looked on the Steve Saunders GoldWing Forum that I am a member of to search for answers. I found many recommendations for replacement windscreens. After much consideration, I elected to purchase the VStream®. Wow, what a difference! My wife says there is much less wind turbulence in the back seat, and I noticed much less wind and noise. The optics are superior, and I love that the vent is higher and I get fresh air right on my face. When I upgrade to a GL1800 in the next year or two, the first thing I will do is replace the stock windscreen with a VStream.

"Thank you for designing a great product at a great price." (Posted on 10/21/2014)
Quantum® Hardcoated
Uses OEM Hardware

Height: 22.00" (55.9cm)
Width: 26.0" (66.0cm)

VStream Windscreens are measured vertically from the top of the fairing to the top of the screen, and horizontally across the back at the widest point.

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