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  • NEW Wash'n'Wipe™ Windshields for Popular SxS UTVs

    Your SxS UTV can take you anywhere, any time, but your view of the road or trail ahead shouldn't be obscured by rain, mud, or debris.

    Now you can get a perfectly clear view! National Cycle proudly introduces our NEW line of Quantum® Hardcoated Polycarbonate Wash'n'Wipe™Windshields for Bombardier BRP®, Honda®, and Polaris® UTVs.

    Quantum hardcoating means you can use the washer/wiper on a dirty, muddy, totally goobered windshield — and not leave a scratch. How's that for tough?

    Let's make it even better — all National Cycle polycarbonate windshields are covered by our 3-Year Warranty against breakage!

    Learn more about Wash'n'Wipe™ Windshields and National Cycle UTV Windshields.

  • VStream® in the Valley of the Gods

    Off-road testing of our VStream® Windscreens on our new BMW 1200GS and our new Honda CRF1000R Africa Twin.

    More fun than testing, though, since we already know how tough, impact resistant and scratch resistant our VStream Windscreens are...

  • National Cycle Introduces New RainZip® Rain Repellent!

    Watch the demo video and see how our new RainZip® Rain Repellent works on motorcycle windshields. It will give you a clearer view of the road ahead!

  • Introducing the Quick Release Wave QR® Fairing!

  • Introducing the Gladiator® Windshield!

  • Polycarbonate or Acrylic? YOU Decide!

    Which manufacturer's windshield would you rather put on your highly engineered motorcycle? Is there a difference in impact resistance? Crack resistance? Scratch resistance?

    We took some popular acrylic windshields and subjected them to a battery of tests. We performed the same tests on our hardcoated polycarbonate windshields. We literally threw everything we had at them!

    The results may surprise you! Click a button below to watch the video and see for yourself... then YOU decide!

  • 2014 Motus MST in Motion

    Presenting the 2014 Motus MST and MSTR. Watch these American-made sport-touring bikes wind their way across the American Southwest. Their windscreens happen to be made by the world's leading manufacturer of motorcycle windshields. That's us, if you haven't already guessed. You can learn more at the Motus web site.

  • Peacemakers® Exhausts... the Movie!


    Imagine being able to start up your v-twin cruiser for an early morning ride without angering your neighbors. Imagine enjoying a deep, powerful exhaust note without cringing whenever you pass a police officer or school zone.

    National Cycle's Peacemakers® Exhausts make those dreams a reality! Continue reading

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