Caring for Your Windshield

Shield WashWant bugs and grime on your windshield to melt away? Who else but the premiere motorcycle windshield manufacturer could develop the premiere windshield cleaner? Developed by our in-house chemist, National Cycle's N1401-01 Shield Wash™ keeps your windshield ultra clean.

It's also great for face shields, and safe on practically any polycarbonate or acrylic windshield on the market.

Our cleaning kit includes an eight-ounce bottle of Shield Wash and a one-ounce refillable travel bottle along with a small microfiber cloth to carry on the motorcycle. It's everything you need to keep your windshield sparkling clean!


Tantec Contact Angle MeterAn exciting development at National Cycle was the installation of our Clean Room Tunnel for the application of our exclusive Quantum® hardcoating. While Quantum research was under way, we used our chemical lab and Tantec™ Contact Angle Meter testing equipment to analyze how surface tension created by various plastic treatments, cleaners, and polishing products affected the surface of the windshield and its ability to stay clean. Hence, the development of our Shield Wash™ Kit.


During our peak season, over 1,000 windshields per day are going into boxes sparkling clean. The key to keeping a windshield clean is to maintain a low surface tension on the screen. After extensive road research and testing, we hit on the right combination of cloth and chemical that will keep your windshield as clean as possible while you're on the road. Our Shield Wash is made to create the low surface tension needed for to keeping your windshield clean. Just as important is the cloth. The cleaning cloth we use is soft, but it lifts and holds dirt. You need just the right amount of absorbency as well – too much absorbency and you whip away the solution too quickly. Not enough, and you wipe too long.

National Cycle Shield Wash™

National Cycle Shield Wash™ is designed to effectively clean virtually any optical component – windshields, faceshields, sunglasses, etc.


  1. Spray surface until wet (clean one section at a time).
  2. Fold your microfiber cleaning cloth (or similar material) into a small pad.
  3. Wipe with circular motions (not back and forth).
  4. Re-fold cloth and wipe again to dry.

Your shield is now ready for the ride!

National Cycle Shield Wash is specially formulated in National Cycle's own chemical lab and is fully compatible with National Cycle's exclusive Quantum® hardcoating, as well as GE's FMR hardcoating. It also works well on all High Impact Acrylic and standard acrylic surfaces.

National Cycle Windshield Care Video

Watch our New Demo Video and learn how to properly clean your windshield, how to use our Shield Wash™ windshield cleaner, how to apply our RainZip® rain repellent treatment, and then see a demonstration of how well RainZip actually works.

Protect Your Investment

CAUTION: Sunlight Heat Buildup
Sunlight reflected off the inside curvature of the windscreen can, at certain times of the day, cause extreme heat buildup on the motorcycle's instrument panel and possibly melt it! Exercise care in parking your bike to avoid this. Park your motorcycle in the shade or place an opaque cover over the instrument panel.

Note that this is a common issue with all OEM and aftermarket windscreens that have a pronounced or convex curvature. Sun-induced heat damage is generally not covered under your windscreen's warranty.

CAUTION: Harmful Chemicals
Do not clean acrylic or polycarbonate screens with common glass cleaners. The solvent action of the alcohol or ammonia will destroy the plastic. Do not allow brake fluid, alcohol (including Rain-X or similar agents), ammonia, or strong solvents to contact the screen, as permanent damage will result.

CAUTION: Long Term Storage
Do not use low quality vinyl covers or old shower curtains to store your motorcycle or your windshield. These products contain chemicals that damage the plastic of windshields and the motorcycle bodywork or fairing.

Where to Buy Shield Wash™

Order Shield Wash™ from your favorite motorcycle dealer or call 877-WSCREEN (877-972-7336) or order here.

Includes an 8-oz. refill bottle, 1-oz. travel bottle and microfiber cloth. It's everything you need to keep your windshield sparkling clean!

Shield Wash Label

Part No. N1401-01
Shield Wash™ Windshield Cleaner

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