VStream® Touring Replacement Screen for Yamaha® FJR1300

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National Cycle revolutionizes windscreen performance with the VStream® Windscreen! The patented "V" shape and advanced dimensional contours push the wind vortex away from the rider's head, resulting in a peaceful, quiet riding environment. The passenger's comfort is improved as well.

Quantum® hardcoated Polycarbonate gives these windscreens excellent optical clarity and strength. They has 10X more abrasion resistance than FMR hardcoated polycarbonate, and 30X more than acrylic materials. This is one tough windscreen! That's why it's covered by National Cycle's 3-Year Warranty against breakage!

Reduced wind noise... less turbulence... superior strength... perfect style. The VStream revolution is here!

Additional Information

Windscreen VStream®
Material Polycarbonate
Material Finish Quantum® Hardcoated
Color Clear
Thickness 4.5mm
Secondary Material None
Secondary Material Finish N/A
Mount Type Stock Mount Points

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Customer Reviews

excellent product Review by Reno S; Maasbree Netherlands
At a Dutch dealer (MDI-Ravenstein) of National cycle I bought this touring window for my new FJR.
What a great experience to ride with this beautifully shaped window. Fits well and no more turbulence around the helmet.
On my old FJR I had a Calsci window, but it doesn't fit as well as the VStream® from National Cycle.
I'm very happy with it and I'm going to have a lot of enjoyable miles with the VStream®.

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Bij een Nederlandse dealer (MDI-Ravenstein) van National cycle deze touring ruit aangeschaft voor mijn nieuwe FJR.
Wat een geweldige ervaring om met deze mooi gevormde ruit te mogen rijden. Past goed en geen last meer van turbulentie rondom de helm.
Op mijn oude FJR een ruit van Calsci gehad, maar deze voldoet lang niet zo goed als de VStream® van National Cycle.
Ik ben er ontzettend blij mee en ga er veel plezierige kilometers rijden met de VStream® (Posted on 12/6/2020)
VStream® Review by Bret G., San Clemente, CA
My new VStream® arrived on Monday. I installed it immediately and could barely wait for the morning light to try it out. As I'm sure you know, the OEM screens on the FJR1300 are relatively small. And although the new VStream isn't a 'barn door', it took a couple minutes for me to stop noticing the difference. It's only 2 inches taller but a healthy 7 inches wider at the top.

I routinely wear ear plugs when I ride – even on my VStream SE-equipped Gold Wing – but I forgot to put them in for my first ride yesterday. No worries! The shape of the VStream and its extra width at the top produced such a dramatic change in airflow that it seemed like I was riding at 40 mph, though the light traffic as I entered the freeway made it easy to sneak up to 80 before I realized it.

Seriously, the airflow is smooth and quiet, the VStream is attractive on the bike, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Thanks again for such a well designed, well made product. Just in time for our beautiful SoCal winter weather! (Posted on 1/20/2015)
VStream® Review by Bart
I purchased a VStream® for my Yamaha FJR this past winter and I installed it a couple of weeks ago. Now that I've had a chance to do some riding, I had to let you know I much I appreciate your product. It has really elevated my enjoyment of riding and I could never go back to the stock windshield. Keep up the good work! (Posted on 1/20/2015)
VStream® Review by Steve B., Hershey, PA
I ride an FJR1300A, and I equipped this motorcycle with National Cycle's VStream® Windscreen because it came with a 3-Year Unbreakable Warranty. When I bought the windscreen, I wasn't as concerned about the warranty as I was the safety this windscreen could provide against any unintended sudden impacts! Little did I know the value of this safety until a recent trip to Florida.

I was riding south on Interstate 95 near Brunswick, Georgia. I was in the middle lane and a small stake truck was in the right lane. The truck hit a major bump in the road, and I thought I saw something come flying off the back the truck, hit the ground, and bounce back up! My thoughts turned to reality when I heard the sound of what I would later discover was a piece of pipe crashing against the windscreen. The VStream did its job by deflecting the pipe away from me and my head, but it did leave two-inch wide scratch on the screen.

So that purchase I made in National Cycle's VStream Windscreen turned into a priceless investment a few weeks later.

Not only does National Cycle make an unbreakable windscreen, they provided superior customer service when I called and explained what had happened, and I am more than satisfied with the outcome.

Thanks again for the great product and superior customer service! (Posted on 1/20/2015)
VStream® Review by Kevin N., Keller, Texas
The VStream® arrived on Wednesday and was promptly installed on my FJR1300. Today I was able to ride in some very strong winds to test it out on my daily commute

What a difference, in so many ways! No flexing of the shield and no turbulence. I can finally ride with my visor in the "full up" or "partly up" position without the wind closing it for me. This will be a very welcome addition to my ride to Alaska in June, as well as my daily commute. I'm very impressed! (Posted on 1/20/2015)
Quantum® Hardcoated
Uses OEM Hardware

Height: 23.25" (59.0cm)
Width: 20.50" (52.0cm)

Measured vertically from the bottom center edge to the top of the screen, and horizontally across the back at the widest point.

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