Polycarbonate Windshields or Acrylic Windshields? YOU Decide!

What Are the Benefits of Hardcoated Polycarbonate Windshields? Outstanding Impact Strength!

Polycarbonate Strength ChartNo other thermoplastic comes close comes close to matching the impact strength of polycarbonate, making it the ideal material for motorcycle windshields. It's 10X more impact resistant than High Impact Acrylic and 20X more impact resistant than acrylic plastic (Lucite®). We can cite data from the Free Falling Steel Dart Test and the IZOD Notch Test, but real world testimonials, like the one below, attest to the outstanding overall strength of National Cycle polycarbonate windshields.

Polycarbonate Impact Strength“I own a Honda® with one of your polycarbonate Heavy Duty™ Windshields. I was traveling across the Howard Franklin Bridge in Tampa, Florida when a vehicle directly in front of me had a ball peen hammer fall from it and hit the pavement ahead of me. I had absolutely no time to execute any sort of evasive action. The hammer bounced up and hit my windshield dead center just above the crossbar at around 75mph. Thanks to the durability of that shield, myself and my passenger were unhurt! The shield absorbed the impact and deflected the hammer away.

“A further testament to the durability of your product is that, upon later inspection, the windshield had sustained no damage, not even a scratch! This was a $200 product that in all likelihood saved my life and the life of my passenger.

”I assure you that in any future windshield purchases, I will accept nothing but a National Cycle polycarbonate windshield. A tremendous thanks to your company and to your design and manufacturing people... I owe them my life!”

Jeff, Florida

Note: National Cycle windshields are designed to provide wind protection and increased riding comfort, but not protection in the event of a collision with another vehicle, an animal, or any other object.

Polycarbonate or Acrylic? YOU Decide!

Which manufacturer's windshield would you rather put on your highly engineered motorcycle? Is there a difference? We took some popular acrylic windshields and subjected them to a battery of tests. We performed the same tests on our polycarbonate windshields. We literally threw everything we had at them!

The results may surprise you! Watch the video and see for yourself... then YOU decide!

National Cycle Polycarbonate WindshieldsThe Motorcycle Industry's First Use of Hardcoated Polycarbonate

In 1975, National Cycle was the first company in the world to introduce and use GE's Lexan® FMR hardcoated polycarbonate material for motorcycle windshields. Polycarbonate advanced the design and durability of windshields, and the first modern styled, optically clear, shatter-proof windshield was created. It was called the Heavy Duty™.

In 2000, National Cycle introduced their exclusive Quantum® hardcoated polycarbonate, which set the standard worldwide for polycarbonate windshield scratch resistance.


National Cycle continues to manufacture state-of-the-art, premium quality, hardcoated polycarbonate windshields in hundreds of varieties for riders who demand the very best.

National Cycle: Worldwide Leader in Windshield Technology™

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