National Cycle Sustainability Policy

One of our corporate missions is to take responsibility for a clean and safe environment for our co-workers and community. Society or the environment will not be compromised at the expense of our other values. This statement is core to what we do at National Cycle, Inc.

We are committed to continuous improvement in being good stewards to the environment in which we work live and play. National Cycle, Inc. will strive to reduce its environmental impact by the following actions:

  • Conserve energy and minimize waste in the materials and processes we use to manufacture our products
  • Recycle our waste where possible
  • Minimize emissions of our factory into the environment
  • Work with and encourage our suppliers to join our conservation efforts through programs of their own
  • Minimize the use of office supplies and use of paper in our day-to-day processes by going electronic where possible
  • Minimize our travel by use of online meetings where possible
  • Working with our community and employees to conserve our environmental resources outside of our work area through training and organized conservation activities
  • Compliance with environmental laws, regulations
  • Prevention of pollution in all areas of the organization for a better future for our society

Barry Willey, CEO, National Cycle Inc.