The RainZip® Difference

How Does RainZip® Work?

Water BeadingTo keep your windshield clearer in rainy weather, National Cycle developed RainZip®, a specially formulated rain repellent treatment that is safe to use on your Quantum® hardcoated National Cycle Windshield. And, it's safe to use on ANY motorcycle windshield, plus helmet faceshields and goggles.

RainZip is hydrophobic – when rain accumulates on your windshield, RainZip will cause it to effectively bead up and blow away, even at riding speeds of only 20-30MPH.

RainZip will give you a clearer view of the road ahead... especially when it's wet!

Watch the RainZip® Demonstration Video!

Watch the video and learn how to use National Cycle's Shield Wash™ and RainZip® on your motorcycle windshield and then see a demonstration of how well it works!

How Do You Measure the Effectiveness?

RainZip Chart

Where to Buy RainZip®

Order RainZip® from your favorite motorcycle dealer or call 877-WSCREEN (877-972-7336) or order here.

Available in a 3-oz. size with application cloth – enough to keep your windshield rain-free for a long time.

RainZip Label

Part No. N1410-01
RainZip® Rain Repellent Treatment

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