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Long favored by cruising riders because of their ruggedness and protection, National Cycle Heavy Duty™ Windshields are available in a variety of heights and styles to provide comfort and good looks. National Cycle Heavy Duty windshields are not "universals". They use our model-specific mounting kits (sold separately) to ensure excellent fitment, ease of installation, and flexible height adjustment.


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Wide Frame Heavy Duty™ Windshields

A perennial best seller, the Touring Heavy Duty™ offers plenty of height and width for larger riders. The classic look, meanwhile, ensures the shield enhances the front end of your bike. The perfect shield for touring or everyday riding.

The Touring Heavy Duty™ and the Chopped Heavy Duty™ (below) are Wide Frame windshields for bikes with widely spaced fork tubes.

Size and Specifications

The Chopped Heavy Duty™ has a wide screen and low profile to make it the preferred choice of many riders. The Chopped provides excellent protection for the chest and shoulders, and enables most riders to look over the screen. Works great on bikes with low seat heights.

Size and Specifications

Quantum™ Hardcoated Lexan® Polycarbonate; DOT and ABE Approved Steel
All Heavy Duty Mount Kits are sold separately

The Beaded Heavy Duty™ is an authentic three-piece beaded construction and is the best there is. This timeless classic is available with a clear top and your choice of a clear, blue or black lower section and window. The classic beaded edge is applied in a modern way without glue to reduce yellowing and remain good looking for many years.

The Beaded Heavy Duty uses 4.0mm FMR hardcoated polycarbonate.

Size and Specifications

Narrow Frame Heavy Duty™ Windshields

Narrow Frame Heavy Duty windshields feature the same quality construction as the Wide Frame Heavy Duty but are designed with a vertical strap spacing of 10.75" for a great fit on cruisers with leaner, narrower profiles.

The Custom Heavy Duty™ is one of our most popular windshields and offers plenty of height with a slim profile for riders who want to tour longer distances.

Size and Specifications

Also a Narrow Frame shield, the Low Boy Heavy Duty™ is the cut down version of the Custom. It is the perfect choice for riders sitting low in the saddle or for the rider that likes a low screen.

Plus, it just looks great!

Size and Specifications

The Narrow Frame, minimalist Ranger Heavy Duty™ cuts the slim profile to its limits for the rider who wants just a small shield. The Ranger looks great on performance-oriented and drag-style cruisers.

Size and Specifications

Quantum™ Hardcoated Lexan® Polycarbonate; DOT and ABE Approved Steel
All Heavy Duty Mount Kits are sold separately

Heavy Duty™ Windshield Accessoriess

Heavy Duty™ Holdster™ Windshield Bags
Convenient up-front storage for your gloves, sunglasses, brush, garage door opener, tool case... Holdsters allow easy access to so many things. Unlike leather tool kits that tend to dry out and become stiff with use, our bags will stand the test of time. Holdsters that have been mounted to our test bikes for years still look as good as new.

Size and Specifications: Single Holdster
Size and Specifications: Triple Holdster

Black, heavy gauge synthetic leather with reinforced back. UV protection and mildew resistant coatings.
None required. Mounts to inside frame of Heavy Duty™ windshields.