Wash'n'Wipe™ UTV Windshields

From: $595.95

To: $849.95

National Cycle Wash'n'Wipe™ Windshields for UTVs have a quality washer/wiper unit pre-installed. They all feature our exclusive Quantum® hardcoated polycarbonate for the toughest, most scratch resistant windshield you can own.

No matter what terrain or weather you encounter, our UTV Windshields will keep you rolling, mile after mile, year after year.

Wash'n'Wipe™ UTV Windshields Applications

Make/ModelYearsWash'n'Wipe™ UTV Windshields*;
ARCTIC CAT (In Development)
Prowler 1000 | XTZ2012-15N30502
Prowler 1000 XT EPS2012-15N30502
Prowler 700 | XTX2012-15N30502
Prowler 700 HDX2012-15N30502
Prowler 700 HDX XT2012-15N30502
Prowler 550 | XT2012-15N30502
Prowler 550 HDX2012-15N30502
Prowler 550 HDX XT2012-15N30502
Prowler 500 HDX2014-15N30502
Prowler 500 HDX XT2014-15N30502
BRP BOMBARDIER (In Development)
Commander 1000 XT2011-15N30402
Commander 800R XT2011-15N30402
HONDA (In Development)
Pioneer 7002014-16N30003
Pioneer 700-42014-16N30003
Ranger 900D2011-13N30208
Ranger 800 EFI 4x4/6x62010-13N30208
Ranger 500 EFI 4x42010N30208
Ranger 800 EFI2013-14N30205
Ranger 570 EFI2014N30205
Ranger 570 EPS Crew2014N30205
Ranger 500 EFI2010-14N30205
Ranger 500 EFI Crew2010-14N30205
Ranger 400 H.D.2010-14N30205
Ranger EV 48V2010-14N30205
RZR XP 1000 EPS2014-15N30211
RZR XP 4 1000 EPS2014-15N30211
RZR 900 EPS2011-14N30202
RZR 4 900 EPS2011-14N30202
RZR 900 Indy2011-14N30202
RZR 800 EPS2011-14N30202
RZR 4 800 EPS2011-14N30202
RZR 800 Indy2011-14N30202
RZR S 800 EPS2011-14N30202
RZR S 800 Indy2011-14N30202
RZR 570 EPS2012-14N30202
RZR 570 Indy2012-14N30202
YAMAHA (In Development)
Viking 700 FI 4x42014-16N30302
Viking 700 FI 4x4 EPS2014-16N30302
Viking 700 FI 4x4 ESP SE2014-16N30302
Viking 700 FI 4x4 EPS Hunter2014-16N30302

* Full Windshields with Wash'n'Wipe™ come complete with high quality washer/wiper unit pre-installed on windshield. Fluid reservoir, switch and wiring harness installed by the owner.

Quantum® Hardcoated
Includes Mount Kit
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Product Benefits

Your UTV can take you anywhere, any time, but your view of the road or trail ahead shouldn't be obscured by rain, mud, or debris.

Now you can get a perfectly clear view! National Cycle proudly introduces our NEW line of Quantum® Hardcoated Polycarbonate Wash'n'Wipe™Windshields for Arctic Cat®, Bombardier BRP®, Honda®, Polaris® and Yamaha® UTVs.

3-Year WarrantyQuantum hardcoating means you can use the washer/wiper on a dirty, muddy, totally goobered windshield -- and not leave a scratch. How's that for tough?

Let's make it even better -- all National Cycle polycarbonate windshields are covered by our 3-Year Warranty against breakage!

Quality Features

Impact ResistanceCrack Resistance

All National Cycle UTV Windshields are made from thick, durable polycarbonate with National Cycle's exclusive Quantum® hardcoating. These are the best quality windshields you can get, with excellent optical clarity, unbeatable strength and unsurpassed scratch resistance.

Quantum Scratch Resistance

Only National Cycle has the manufacturing expertise to produce UTV windshields that will hold up to the roughest terrain and constant windshield wiper use. You won't find a better UTV windshield than this!


Wraparound ClampsOur Wash'n'Wipe™ UTV Windshields are packaged with complete mounting hardware, including our custom-designed Wraparound Clamps for UTV roll cages. The washer/wiper unit comes pre-installed on the windshield. The Fluid Reservoir, Fluid Switch and Electrical Wiring Harness come with detailed installation instructions to get you from start to finish without a hitch.

Once you see how great it works, you'll wonder how you did without it!

Wraparound Clamps