Hand Deflectors


Do you hate chilly and damp hands? Does the riding season seem too short? National Cycle Hand Deflectors are an economical solution for extending the riding season. Coupled with a windshield, Hand Deflectors protect your entire upper body from cold wind and rain.

Hand Deflectors Applications

Part No.ModelYears
N5502CB900F/919/Hornet 9002002-06
N5502CB600F/599/Hornet 6002002-07
N5511CMX250 Rebel85-87/96-09/12-16
N5502GL1500C Valkyrie/F6C/CT1997-03
N5502VT1300CS Sabre2010-15
N5502VT1300CR Stateline2010-16
N5502VT1300CT Interstate2010-16
N5502VF750 Magna1993-03
N5502VT1100C3 Aero1997-02
N5502VT1100C2 Sabre2000-07
N5502VT1100C2 Shadow A.C.E.1995-99
N5502VT1100C Shadow Spirit1997-07
N5502VT1100 Shadow1987-97
N5502VT1100T Shadow A.C.E Tourer1998-02
N5502VT750C Shadow Aero04-09/11-22
N5502VT750CD Shadow A.C.E. Deluxe1997-03
N5502VT750C Shadow A.C.E.1997-00
N5502VT750C2 Shadow Spirit2007-16
N5505VT750DC Shadow Spirit/Black Widow2001-07
N5502VT600C/CD Shadow VLX/DLX1988-07
N5502VT400 Shadow2009-12
N5505VTX1800C (Specs 1-2-3)2002-07
N5505VTX 1800F (Specs 1-2-3)2006-08
N5505VTX1800R/S Retro (Specs 1-2-3)2002-07
N5505VTX1800N (Specs 1-2-3)2004-08
N5507VN2000 Classic/LT2006-10
N5511VN1600 Vulcan Classic2003-08
N5511VN1500G1 Vulcan Nomad1998-04
N5511VN1500N Vulcan Classic00-03/05-08
N5511VN1500T Vulcan 10th Anniversary2006
N5511VN1500A/1500L Vulcan Eighty-Eight1996-99
N5511VN1500D/E Vulcan Classic1996-04
N5511VN1500R Vulcan Drifter2001-05
N5511VN1500J Vulcan Drifter1999-00
N5507VN900B Vulcan Classic/LT/SE 2006-22
N5507VN900C Vulcan Custom2007-22
N5511VN800E Vulcan Drifter2001-06
N5511VN800 Vulcan Drifter1999-00
N5511VN800B Vulcan Classic1996-05
N5511EN500A Vulcan1990-06
N5503C109R/C190RT Boulevard/C1800R Intruder2008-12
N5512M109R Boulevard B.O.S.S.2014-16
N5512M109R/M1800R Boulevard2006-16
N5511C90/C90T B.O.S.S. Boulevard2014-15
N5511C90/C90T Boulevard2005-09
N5511V1500LC Intruder LC1998-04
N5511S83 Boulevard2005-08
N5511VS1400 Intruder1987-04
N5503C50/Black/T/Limited Boulevard/C800 Intruder2007-19
N5506C50/Black/T/Limited Boulevard/C800 Intruder2005-06
N5506VL800 Intruder Volusia2001-04
N5511S50 Boulevard/S800 Intruder2005-09
N5511VS800 Intruder1992-04
N5503M50/M50 Black Boulevard/M800 Intruder2007-16
N5511M50/M50 Black Boulevard/M800 Intruder2005-06
N5511VZ800 Marauder1997-04
N5503XV1700 Road Star/Silverado/Silverado S2004-14
N5503XV1600 Road Star/Wild Star/Silverado*1999-03
N5503XV1600AS Road Star MM Limited*2000
N5502XVZ1300CT Royal Star Tour Deluxe**2005-09
N5502XVZ1300AT Royal Star Silverado1998
N5503XVS1300AT V Star 1300 Tourer2007-15
N5503XVS1300A V Star 13002007-15
N5503XVS1100A V Star/DragStar Classic/Silverado1999-11
N5503XVS1100 V Star/DragStar Custom1999-11
N5503XVS650A V Star/DragStar Classic/Silverado1998-16
N5503XVS650 V Star/DragStar Custom1997-16
N5502XC50 Vino2006-07

* Midnight Star has chromed forks but is otherwise the same as the standard Road Star.

** May require adjustment of right control switchbox to provide clearance between throttle cables and Hand Deflector.

Includes Mount Kit
High Impact Acrylic
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Product Benefits

Wind Chill ChartDo you hate chilly and damp hands? Does the riding season seem too short? National Cycle Hand Deflectors are an economical solution for extending the riding season.

Hand Deflectors are easy to install. They secure to your bike's mirror mounts, yet allow plenty of room for lever movement and for riders with large gloves.

These Hand Deflectors make a windshield function like a fairing. They also make heated grips work more effectively.

Hand Deflectors come in two sizes and are application-specific to ensure the correct fit for your bike.

Quality Features

Hand Deflector DetailHand Deflectors are manufactured from lightly tinted High-Impact Acrylic. This light tint material blends well with either clear or tinted windshields. Once installed, they'll look lie they were made just for your model bike.

Hand Deflectors are designed for bikes with handlebar-mounted mirrors and are secured to the mounting point of your mirrors.

Once installed, they are solid and secure.


Hand Deflectors KitHand Deflectors are made from High-Impact Acrylic with chromed steel front plates. Steel inner hardware and mounting brackets are painted in low-gloss black.

Mirror insert mounting hardware is included.