Peacemakers® Volume Control Exhaust Systems for Yamaha® XV1700/1600 Road Star

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Imagine being able to start up your bike for an early morning ride without angering your neighbors. Imagine enjoying a deep, powerful exhaust note without cringing whenever you pass a police officer or school zone. National Cycle's new Peacemakers® Exhausts make those dreams a reality!

The handlebar-mounted toggle switch allows on-the-fly transitions between loud and quiet modes. The small chrome Actuator Motor, mounted to the right front frame tube, receives the signal from the handlebar switch and opens/shuts the Diverter Valves via heavy duty cables.

When the Diverter Valves are opened, the exhaust gases flow through the straight pipe down the center of the muffler, resulting in increased exhaust sound volume and greater engine performance.

When the Diverter Valves are closed, the exhaust gases are routed through the Peacemakers' inner baffles, reducing the exhaust sound volume to a nearly stock level.

Peacemakers Exhausts: Loud When You Want It; Quiet When You Need It.™

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Material Steel
Material Finish High Polished

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Customer Reviews

Peacemakers® Review by Rick Botting, Total Fuel Systems
The 4-inch Peacemakers system has no more overall change than any other slip-on mufflers. The air/fuel ratio difference between open and closed is less than the change you would see by going from a #180 main jet to a #185 main jet. The bigger change in A/F ratio comes from using a high-flow air filter. You need to tune to the air intake first, because the pipes cause little change (I remember learning this back in the '70's).

Bottom line: you don't need to tune for a difference between open and closed diverter valve positions on the Peacemakers! Just tune it to the 12.8-13.0 to 1 air/fuel ratio at wide open throttle (best power) and you are good to go.

Congratulations to National Cycle on getting the Peacemakers to have such a small A/F ratio difference between the opened and closed positions. They worked hard to get the change minimized and it shows in the facts. (Posted on 1/20/2015)
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