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Riders enjoy unprecedented convenience, quality and functionality with this innovative line of quick release windshields, available in four sizes. SwitchBlade® Windshields utilizes our SwitchBlade Mounting System, which lets riders install, switch, or remove their windshield in less than 5 seconds — with no tools! Switch styles... Switch attitudes... with SwitchBlade!


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SwitchBlade® Quick Release Windshields

The largest of the four Switchblade windshields, this generous screen offers maximum protection from the wind and weather for you and your riding partner. Many riders purchase windshields primarily for wind protection, but don’t underestimate this windscreen’s effectiveness. The 2-Up enhances your long rides by cutting fatigue and also protecting you against road debris. Coupled with a pair of Chrome Lower Deflectors and a National Cycle Light Bar, you can transform your motorcycle into a serious touring bike at a fraction of the price of these upscale machines.

The 2-Up, like all SwitchBlade windshields, features high quality chromed steel and stainless steel hardware. Best of all, its sturdy 4.0mm thick polycarbonate has National Cycle's exclusive Quantum™ hardcoating, for the ultimate in scratch resistance.

Sample Size and Specifications

Is the 2-Up too tall, or the Shorty too short? The SwitchBlade Chopped is a cut-down version of the popular SwitchBlade 2-Up. The recontoured top is 4-5" shorter (depending on model) and the trimmed bottom profile is narrower. Get all the protection you need and the look you want!

Sample Size and Specifications
Sample Size and Specifications

The smaller screen of the Shorty is an ideal choice for a rider who generally does not put long hours in the saddle. Short in size but long on looks and quality features, the Shorty keeps wind blast at bay while preserving the “wind in your face” motorcycling experience.

Sample Size and Specifications
Sample Size and Specifications

Designed for maximum attitude, the minimal profile of the Deflector is a stylish addition to your cruiser. National Cycle’s Rake Adjust™ feature allows you to quickly and easily change the screen angle, transforming the SwitchBlade Deflector from a boulevard cruiser to a functional bug buster – or anywhere in between.

Sample Size and Specifications
Sample Size and Specifications

Quantum™ Hardcoated Lexan® Polycarbonate; DOT and ABE Approved Chromed Steel and Stainless Steel
SwitchBlade® Quick Release Mount System SwitchBlade Quick Release Mount Kits are sold separately.

SwitchBlade® Quick Release Mounting System

SwitchBlade® Quick Release Mount System
Strong, sleek, elegant and functional! This system secures your SwitchBlade windshield with bulldog tenacity, but is attractive and refined when the shield is off. Our innovative Cushion Wheel spools turn and flex, allowing the shield to lock into place with a reassuring "pop". Want to remove or change the shield? A gentle tug is all that is needed.

Each SwitchBlade Windshield and Mount Kit is model-specific. These are not "universal" fitments that work fine on some models and work poorly on others. When you order the SwitchBlade Mount Kit and any SwitchBlade Windshield for your model motorcycle, you can be sure it will fit like it was custom made for your bike — because it was!

Exclusive SwitchBlade® Keylock
Integral keylock security is featured on all SwitchBlade 2-Up®, Chopped™ and Shorty® windshields for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. So when your SwitchBlade is on your bike and you're not, simply lock the windshield in place and remove the key!

SwitchBlade® Windshield Accessories

SwitchBlade® Holdster™ Windshield Bag
Convenient, up-front storage for your gloves, sunglasses, camera, tools, garage door opener or anything else you need to carry with you.

Unlike leather bags that dry out or rot, our heavy gauge synthetic leather bags will stand the test of time. Mounts to inside hardware of SwitchBlade 2-Up®, Chopped™ and Shorty® windshields.

Size and Specifications

SwitchBlade® Storage Bag
When you change SwitchBlade windshields or store them away for wind-in-your-face riding, why not give them the best possible protection?

The outer bag is 600 denier polyester with a durable, waterproof backing. Industrial-strength zippers, oversize zipper pulls and Tek70™ industrial thread ensure lasting quality. Inside, your SwitchBlade is cradled in a thick, soft pad of synthetic and natural materials -- purpose-built to provide scratch-free protection for your windshield.

Size and Specifications