VStream® Replacement Screen for Suzuki® DL650/1000

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Riders of the Suzuki® DL1000 and DL650 V-Strom® are sure to love the advantages offered by National Cycle's new N20213 VStream® windscreen. Designed specifically for the V-Strom, the N20213 VStream dramatically reduces the wind noise and buffeting experienced with the stock windscreen on both models, enabling longer rides in much greater comfort for riders of virtually any height.

The unique, patented "V" shape of the VStream windscreen, coupled with its greater height and width, pushes the wind vortex out and away from the rider's head, resulting in a peaceful, quiet riding environment. The passenger's comfort is improved as well.

Reduced wind noise... less turbulence... superior strength... perfect style. The VStream revolution is here!

Additional Information

Windscreen VStream®
Material Polycarbonate
Material Finish Quantum® Hardcoated
Color Clear
Thickness 4.5mm
Secondary Material None
Secondary Material Finish N/A
Mount Type Stock Mount Points

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Customer Reviews

The best windscreen! Review by Kyle M.
I bought a new 2012 DL1000 and hated riding with the wind buffeting my helmet and me all over so I bought a bigger windscreen (18"). It was awful! Then I found the VStream® Replacement Screen for Suzuki® DL650/1000 and I have loved riding my bike as often as I am able. I love being able to hear the motor of the bike and not get beaten up by the wind when I ride. I will buy this product for whatever bike I ride in the future! (Posted on 4/13/2017)
The best change you can make to a Suzuki DL650 Review by CIRC
I lived with the stock screen on my 2007 Suzuki DL650 for a short period of time and then purchased an aftermarket screen which did little to improve the ride quality. When the VStream came out, I installed it and the change was fantastic. I now have an adventure style motorcycle that has near touring motorcycle wind protection. Cheers to your company for doing the experimenting that resulted in such a great comfort option. (Posted on 1/1/2017)
Great windscreen! Review by 2012DL1000 NC
This was by far, the best windscreen I purchased for my bike. I am 6'4", this was absolutely perfect to ride with. The best purchase I could have made for this bike. I would buy it again! (Posted on 7/11/2016)
VStream® Review by Nathan, Spokane, WA
Let me first say that this is my third aftermarket windscreen for my V-Strom and it is the best so far.

The new VStream® mounted up very easily and all the holes matched up. No new hardware is needed. Just take off the OEM screen and install the VStream using the same screws as the stock screen uses. Heading out today in 35 degrees was refreshing as my heated gear kept me toasty warm. I was looking forward to the taller windscreen keeping the cold wind out of my eyes and down my neck. It did in spades. I normally ride with my helmet face shield open to get fresh air, but had to deal with the loud wind roar, but not this time. Truly the only sound I heard on this ride along the Spokane river was as much engine noise as wind, but no head-bobbling dirty air.

This National Cycle VStream was optically as good or better than any other shield I have used. Far less noise and buffeting than either the Cee Bailey® or MRA shield I previously had installed on my V-Strom.

The design works better than any aftermarket V-Strom screen I've used so far. In fact, the more I look at it the more I like it. This one is a keeper. (Posted on 1/20/2015)
VStream® Review by Richard S.
I bought my Suzuki® V-Strom two years ago and have put about 24,000 miles on it. I rode it about 1,000 miles with the stock windscreen and felt the wind protection was inadequate. I saw a new Givi® windscreen that was a two-piece design that could be adjusted up and down 4-6 inches to the point where you could look through it in the highest position, but it still had a lot of buffeting and turbulence.

I then went back to the stock screen and installed a laminar lip which was much lower then the Givi shield and the buffeting and turbulence was improved but still not the results I was hoping for. I then decided to try National Cycle's new VStream® Windscreen because I ride mostly highway miles and found that I could adjust it in the lower position on the V-Strom's two-position stock bracket and easily look over the windscreen without the buffeting and turbulence of the other two screens.

I can now feel the airstream go over the top of my helmet and I can even wear a cap without it getting blown off — even though I wouldn't recommend riding without a helmet. I noticed that it is much quieter and is distortion-free and creates no effect on the bike's handling at expressway speeds up to triple digits. I also noticed when I get through riding after a long day, you can see the bugs on the shield follow the direction of the airflow of the VStream shape pushing off to the sides of the screen. Without a doubt, this is the best windscreen that I've had on my V-Strom. (Posted on 1/20/2015)
Quantum® Hardcoated
Uses OEM Hardware

Height: 20.75" (52.7cm)
Width: 17.13" (43.5cm)

Measured vertically from the bottom center edge to the top of the screen, and horizontally across the back at the widest point.

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