Flyscreen®; Black; Light Tint

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The Flyscreen® is a stylish item for custom cruisers, muscle bikes and performance machines. The clean, minimal appearance and basic black trim plate will enhance the look of your bike.

The quality Linking Arm fork mount system with countersunk screws offers a custom fit for motorcycles with open front forks.

The popular and best-selling Flyscreen is a timeless classic!

NOTE: Various fork clamp sizes are available. Verify your fork tube outside diameter before ordering.

Fits up to 43mm O.D.
N2530, N2531, N2532, N2533
N2530-002, N2531-002, N2532-002, N2533-002

Fits 44-51mm O.D.
N2554-001, N2554-002, N2555-001, N2555-002
N2556-001, N2556-002, N2557-001, N2557-002

Fits 52-56mm O.D.
N2534, N2535, N2536, N2537
N2534-002, N2535-002, N2536-002, N2537-002

Additional Information

Windscreen Flyscreen®
Material High Impact Acrylic
Material Finish N/A
Color Light Gray, 26% Tint
Thickness 3.0mm
Secondary Material Steel
Secondary Material Finish Painted
Mount Type Fork Mount

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Product - Flyscreen Black with LIght Tint on a Honda Rebel 500 Review by longbeachgary
I wasn't sure that a Flyscreen would do the job that I needed it to do. I was getting blasted in the chest, causing my jacket to balloon up and act as a sail. I felt like I was going to be knocked off the back of the bike. The Flyscreen deflects enough of the wind that I no longer get bounced around. There is still some wind but not enough to bother me. I got the black one with the light tint. Did I mention that it looks AWESOME? (Posted on 4/6/2018)
Includes Mount Kit
Linking Arm Mount Hardware
Light Gray, 26% Tint

Height: 08.50" (21.6cm)
Width: 09.25" (23.5cm)

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