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The popular Street Shield EX™ windshield is one of our best sellers. Taller and wider than our standard Street Shield, the EX model provides the rider with excellent upper body protection. This screen is engineered from 3/16" (4.5mm) acrylic utilizing our patented No-Hole Ballsocket™ and QuickSet™ quick release hardware for strength and adjustability.

Secured with 4-point mounting, Street Shield EX is a solid windshield offering plenty of rider protection.

The fit, finish and versatile mounting system of the Street Shield EX are an exceptional value for riders of many types of motorcycles. It's a great choice for riders who need more wind protection than our Street Shield Deflector Screen offers.

Additional Information

Windscreen Street Shield EX™
Material High Impact Acrylic
Material Finish N/A
Color Light Gray, 26% Tint
Thickness 4.5mm
Secondary Material Industrial Grade Nylon
Secondary Material Finish Textured Black
Mount Type QuickSet™ 4-Point Handlebar and Fork Mount

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Customer Reviews

Wouldn't do without it. Review by Matt
I just recently bought a 2013 Honda CB1100 with 20 miles on it! It was hard to believe but when I went to see it it was true. The picture didn't show a windshield and I was thinking about putting one on the bike, but the salesman said "By the way, there is a windshield that comes with it". I didn't want to believe my luck. It was a perfect windshield for the bike and thought that it was a $300 value. Surprisingly it's "just" $200! It was previously installed a bit carelessly and the "boss" put a tiny dent on the tank when the bar was turned all the way to the left. I readjusted it properly and now it fits like a glove.

The protection from wind is adequate for the size and looks very nice on the bike. I am glad I didn't have to search for it, just fell in my lap. I'd recommend it to my brother or anyone else. (Posted on 3/4/2021)
Bought a 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE in Black. This is a perfect everyday, 3-season windshield. It's a bit smaller than the Plexifairing that I'd owned on a prior bike, but really looks correct on a Bonneville.

May also get a Plexifairing GT for the winter. Really a good, SOLID mount. Actually stabilizes the bike at higher speeds; i.e. 80+ mph. (Posted on 9/16/2015)
Street Shield EX™ Review by Seth, Illinois
Last night I put my new Street Shield EX™ on my Honda® VT750 Shadow Spirit and it was amazing! I was riding down the highway and it felt so much more comfortable not to have that wind in my face! Thank you very much. (Posted on 10/21/2014)
Street Shield EX™ Review by Ray N.
Open heart surgery, a neck fusion, elbow reconstruction and carpel tunnel surgery. Needless to say, as a Sportster® rider I thought my riding days were over.

So, this spring, my wife suggested I look into a windshield. I snapped back something to the effect 'Let's just put a GRILL cover over the Sporty and call it a day!'. I did research and grew fond of your StreetShield EX™ windshield. I sold off some other stuff laying around, and ordered one from Leather Up (company plug, good guys). It came in two days, and 15 minutes later, was on the bike.

First ride. WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! NO chest pressure, less arm fatigue, elbow was not aching. I could go with a lighter helmet and eye protection because of less wind drag. The bike STILL handled like a million bucks, the night FLEW by and I needed another. My wife said it had been a LONG time since she had seen me sleep with a smile. Two more rides... BEST rides of many many years! I can ride almost PAIN FREE! While I know you cannot relate to the pain I have been in, suffice to say I am riding with a smile, rather then constant road rage!

I cannot thank you enough to have provided an American-made windshield that fits my Sportster, looks great, AND provides such great protection! NO more naked riding for THIS ol' boy!

Next? NIGHT LIGHTS so I can ride evenings with the animals around here! And YUP, YOU will be getting my order!

The down side? I believe, having looked at the hardware of your rigs, that I will not have to buy another windshield for many many years to come. I regret that I have but one windshield to buy for my Harley!

In all seriousness, THANK you from the bottom of my heart, you gave me my riding back! (Posted on 10/21/2014)
Includes Mount Kit
Light Gray, 26% Tint

Height: 18.00" (45.8cm)
Width: 19.25" (48.9cm)

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