Extreme Adventure Gear™ Side Guards for 2020-22 F900XR/F900R

Maywood, IL – ZTechnik’s new line of Extreme Adventure Gear™ provides the best in rugged, superbly designed accessories for adventure bike owners, whether riding far off the beaten path or just commuting and touring the tarmac.

The Z7108-002 Adventure Side Guards for the new F900 models are made from durable e-coated and powdercoated one-inch steel tubing and can stand up to the most extreme abuse. These Adventure Side Guards attach to the bike’s motor mounts, making them as strong as they can possibly be.

Designed for off-road protection, they also offer options for mounting supplemental lighting, adventure luggage, or a video camera. Plus, they look really great!

Complete installation, with the proper tools, can be accomplished in 30-45 minutes.

Z7108-002 Extreme Adventure Gear Side Guards; F900XR/F900R; Retail $469.95

ZTechnik products are made in the U.S.A.



Download high resolution photos of the Extreme Adventure Gear Side Guards for the 2020-22 BMW F900XR and F900R.

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