Quick Release Back Rest/Luggage Rack

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Critical engineering procedures and real world on-the-road testing are part of the continuous design process for all our products. Paladin® Backrests and Luggage Racks are no exception.

These are not "universal fit" generic products. They are custom-designed for each model motorcycle. You can be sure they will not only look great, but fit and perform perfectly.

Quick Release Back Rest/Luggage Rack Applications

Mount KitModelYearsSaddlebag Adapters*
P9BR009BVTX1800C (Specs 1-2-3)2002-06
P9BR009BVTX1800F (Specs 1-2-3)2005-08
P9BR015VTX1800R/S (Specs 1-2-3)2007
P9BR010AVTX1800R/S (Specs 1-2-3)2002-06
P9BR006GL1500C Valkyrie/F6C1997-03
P9BR013VT750C Shadow Aero04-09/11-20
P9BR003VT750CD Shadow A.C.E. Deluxe1997-03BAG#950
P9BR003VT750C Shadow A.C.E.1997-00BAG#950
P9BR014VT750C2 Shadow Spirit2007-16BAG#955
P9BR014VT750C2A/B Shadow Phantom/Black Spirit2010-20BAG#955
P9BR013VT400 Shadow2009-12

Part No.ModelYearsSaddlebag Adapters*
P9BR106VN900B Vulcan Classic/LT/SE2006-20BAG#884
P9BR106VN900C Vulcan Custom2007-16BAG#884

Part No.ModelYearsSaddlebag Adapters*
P9BR204C90 Boulevard2005-09
P9BR204VL1500LC Intruder LC1998-04
P9BR205C50/C50 Black/C50T2005-15BAG#897
P9BR205C50 Limited Bouevard/C800 Intruder2005-21BAG#897
P9BR205M50/M50 Black Boulevard/M800 Intruder2005-09BAG#897
P9BR205VL800 Volusia2001-04BAG#897

Part No.ModelYearsSaddlebag Adapters*
P9BR308XVS1300A V Star 1300/1300T/Midnight Star2007-15BAG#884
P9BR307XVS1100A V Star 1100 Classic1999-11BAG#884
P9BR305XVS1100 V Star 1100 Custom1999-11BAG#884
P9BR308XVS950 V Star 9502009-17BAG#884
P9BR302XVS650A V Star 650 Classic1998-15BAG#884

Part No.ModelYears
P9800AAll Models Listed AboveYears Listed Above
P9301Yamaha XV250 Virago/XVS250 V Star2008-22
Part No.ModelYears
P9900All Models Listed AboveYears Listed Above
P9302Yamaha XV250 Virago/XVS250 V Star2008-22
P9303Kawasaki EX300 Ninja2013-16

* Hardware Adapters Required to Mount Paladin® Mount Kits and Cruiseliner™ Mount Kits Together.

Paladin® QuickSet™ Mount Hardware
Paladin® QuickSet™ Mount Hardware
Paladin® QuickSet™ Mount Hardware
Billet Aluminum

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Paladin QuickSet Back Rest

QuickSet LockPaladin® Back Rests/Luggage Racks with QuickSet™ Mounts

Convert your bike from a 2-up tourer to a solo boulevard cruiser in under 5 seconds, with no tools!

The Paladin® QuickSet™ Back Rest uses an innovative, key-lockable mounting system that's designed for an optimal fit on each specific make and model. All moving components are made from stainless steel for years of reliable, smooth operation, and all visible metal components are either polished stainless steel or bright, show-quality chrome.

After unlocking, just lift the levers on the bottom of the backrest side plates and pull up on the backrest to remove it. Now that's easy!

The Paladin P9900 Luggage Rack, P9800A Back Rest (sideplates with lock, sissy bar and pad), and QuickSet Mount Kits are sold separately.

Quality Features

Paladin for YamahaNEW for Yamaha XV250 Virago and XV250 V Star!

This backrest/Luggage Rack is made specially for the 2007-14 Yamaha XV250 Virago and XV250 V Star. This is not a QuickSet™ system – it mounts securely to the bike's frame, rear fender and turn signal brackets, and it perfectly matches the bike's style.

NEW for Kawasaki EX300 Ninja!

Paladin for Kawasaki

Our stylish and sturdy luggage rack was designed specially for the new EX300 Ninja to greatly improve the carrying capacity. Roomy rack surface with three bungee attachment points on each side allows riders to carry a decent sized duffel bag.

The rack is made from precision, laser-cut aluminum, and the mounting bracket is made from precision cut and formed steel. Both integrate seamlessly with the lines and style of the EX300.


Paladin RackMATERIAL
Chromed Steel with Stainless Steel locking mechanism.

QuickSet™ mounting hardware and keys are included in mount kits.

Paladin® QuickSet™ Mount Kits are application-specific to ensure the correct fit for your bike. Click the SHOP menu for fitment information for your motorcycle.