FTP Upload using Windows File Explorer

If you need to perform an occasional file transfer using FTP, you can simply use Windows File Explorer. The software is already on your Windows computer. Note: You MUST be using Windows Vista or later. This procedure does not work on Windows XP.

  1. Go to Start > ComputerFile Explorer
  2. or use the Windows + E keystroke on your keyboard
  3. Type  ftp://ftp.nationalcycle.com into the top address bar

You should see a window like the one to the right. Simply drag the files you're trying to send us onto the dropbox folder

Note: You cannot see inside the DROPBOX folder, but you will be able to drop files into it. If you try to navigate into that folder, it will appear empty.

If you have any questions, please send your questions to customerservice@nationalcycle.com, or call Customer Service at +1 (708) 343-0400.