V-Twin Visionary COVID Crossing 2020


"We at V-Twin Visionary are just like millions of other folks who are getting tired of sheltering in place due to this world-wide pandemic. In all seriousness we know that what we are doing is making a difference in saving people’s lives and that of course is the number one objective of us all. But we free spirits here at V-Twin Visionary have been cooped up long enough. That's why we teamed up with a few like-minded companies for some two-wheeled social distancing on the road. And we're doing it on a grand scale with the V-Twin Visionary COVID Crossing 2020.

"We hope the inspirational one-bike East-to-West trip lands on many people's "Bucket List" after its completion.

"First, we are grabbing a new Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard Touring Motorcycle from Black Bear H-D in Wytheville, Virginia.

"While we are at the dealership, we'll make travel and tour upgrades to the black bagger to make the 2000-mile journey more enjoyable. Then we head out to the highway back across the USA. Along the way we'll hit as many scenic stops as possible. Morever, we’ll meet up with old and new friends along the way. While keeping a six-foot distance from them, of course."

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National Cycle is the Official Windshield of the 2020 Covid Crossing.

Covid Crossing