National Cycle Windshields for the 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS


Maywood, IL -- Motorcycle riders everywhere are excited about the new and perfectly styled Kawasaki Z900RS. It does all the right things for all the right reasons. And National Cycle has the perfect windshields for the perfect look and the perfect riding experience.

Start with the F-Series™ F-18, which compliments the bike’s dual instrument pods so well that they look like they were made for each other. The classic Flyscreen® and the new-look Mohawk™ also add a lot of stylish retro flair.

For practical wind protection, nothing beats the timeless Defector Screen™ or the larger Street Shield™, both available in clear or tint with U-Clamp mounts or easy on-and-off QuickSet™ mounts.

For serious wind protection or long-distance touring, riders will appreciate the Plexistar™ with built-in lowers and hand deflectors. The quick release QuickSet mount hardware is included, making it an incredible value.

Check out all of our windshield options for the new Kawasaki Z900RS.

N2528 F-Series F-18; Dark Tint

N2543 Flyscreen, Light Tint, Chrome
N2543-002 Flyscreen, Light Tint, Black
N2544 Flyscreen, Dark Tint, Chrome
N2544-002 Flyscreen, Dark Tint, Black

N2844-001 Mohawk; Dark Tint; Chrome
N2844-002 Mohawk; Dark Tint; Black

N8332-01 Plexistar; Clear; QuickSet

N25030 Deflector Screen; Clear; U-Clamp
N25031 Deflector Screen; Medium Tint; U-Clamp
N25042 Deflector Screen; Clear; QuickSet
N25043 Deflector Screen; Medium Tint; QuickSet

N25000 Street Shield; Clear; U-Clamp
N25001 Street Shield; Medium Tint; U-Clamp
N25012 Street Shield; Clear; QuickSet
N25013 Street Shield; MediumTint; QuickSet
N2568-01 Street Shield EX; Clear; Quickset

Z900RS Windshields

Download high resolution photography of National Cycle Windshields for the 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS.

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