National Cycle Deflector Screen Installation Guide

Want to know how easy it is to install a National Cycle Deflector Screen™? This video will show you what's involved and how quick it is.

Our Deflector Screen™ is one of our trademark products and is the most copied windshield worldwide. First introduced in 1980, it's now been upgraded to our exclusive Quantum® hardcoated polycarbonate for maximum impact strength and unbeatable scratch resistance!

It installs easily with our QuickSet™ Mount System, which features our patented RakeAdjust™ hardware. You can set the screen angle to optimize comfort and style by a simple adjustment, and the radial-tooth locking mechanism keeps the screen at the angle you choose.

QuickSet gives you the ability to remove and store the windshield quickly and easily when you prefer to ride with the wind in your face. A simple twist of the QuickSet knobs and the shield is off — in seconds!

Wind in Your Hair When You Want It; Wind Protection When You Need It.™

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