SwitchBlade® 2-Up® Quick Release Windshield

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This windscreen is made from tough 3.0mm Quantum® hardcoated polycarbonate. This high quality material, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, provides outstanding optical clarity, impact strength and scratch resistance unmatched by any OEM or aftermarket windscreen maker in the world.

Additional Information

Windscreen SwitchBlade®
Material Polycarbonate
Material Finish Quantum® Hardcoated
Color Clear
Thickness 4.0mm
Secondary Material Steel
Secondary Material Finish Chromed
Mount Type SwitchBlade® Quick Release Mount Kit Required

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Customer Reviews

SwitchBlade® Review by Dan D.
Took your advice and added both the SwitchBlade® Windshield and the Chrome Lowers at the same time. What a difference it makes to the ride! (Posted on 1/26/2015)
SwitchBlade® Review by Joe, Dubuque, IA
I have been the proud and happy owner of your SwitchBlade 2-Up® Windshield for several years now.

Last week on my way to Little Sturgis, Kentucky, I was following an old pickup truck with a load of wood pallets. The top pallet fell off nearly in front of me. It took one bounce, struck my front fender a glancing blow, and then hit the windshield. I decided to just hang on tight, lay as low on the tank as I could, and pray. I felt something brush my helmet and did not realize what happened until I had the bike stopped at the side of the road to collect my thoughts and take inventory of my body parts.

I surmised that the pallet glanced off the front fender, and then hit the windshield. The windshield absorbed the blow and flexed just enough to bend and touch my helmet. Not a scratch on me or the helmet! A small scrape on the paint and several scratch marks on the windshield. It did NOT break. I do believe it saved me from some serious injury or possible death. (Posted on 1/26/2015)
SwitchBlade® Review by Phil, Illinois
I just installed a SwitchBlade® Windshield and I have to tell you it was one of the best aftermarket products I have ever worked with. The fit and finish was perfection at its best. The installation for me was about 30 minutes. I only have one complaint. After the shield was put on I had to take it for a test ride. The problem is that I cook dinner and the shield worked so well I had a hard time coming home. Ended up eating a sandwich. My 5'7" frame gave me no wind buffeting. The change from no shield to SwitchBlade shield was best by more then 100%. Thanks again! (Posted on 1/26/2015)
Quantum® Hardcoated
Requires Mount Kit
SwitchBlade® Quick Release Mount Hardware

Headlight Cutout to Top of Screen: 19.75" (50.2cm)
Overall Height: 26.00" (66.0cm)
Width Across Back at Widest Point: 23.00" (58.4cm)

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