New SxS 3D Windshields for the KYMCO® UXV450/700!

Maywood, IL – National Cycle breaks the boundaries of windshield design by forming three-dimensional curvature into the traditionally flat SxS UTV windshield. This is accomplished without sacrificing the use of their tough Quantum® hardcoated 4.0mm polycarbonate material. This advanced application is now available to owners of the KYMCO UVX450/700.

The benefits of a 3D-formed windshield are striking good looks, an optically clear cockpit view, and substantial added rigidity that is particularly noticeable in full-size windshields. Now SxS UTV owners can enjoy the same windshield clarity and wide-view optics that they experience in their pickup trucks!

The new 3D Windshields are available in a full-size front and a full-size rear for each model. An add-on Wash'n'Wipe™ Kit is available separately.

The rear windshield prevents tools, debris, or other objects from entering the cab from the cargo area, and is effective in deflecting wind turbulence from the rear. It’s also produced using tough Quantum hardcoated 4.0mm polycarbonate material.

KYMCO UXV450 All; 2015-18, KYMCO UXV450 Base Model; 2019
N30600 Full Front Windshield; Retail $364.95
N30600-WK Wash'n'Wipe™ Kit Only; Retail $434.95
N30601 Full Rear Windshield; Retail $324.95

KYMCO UXV700 All; 2018-19
N30603 Full Front Windshield; Retail $495.95
N30603-WK Wash'n'Wipe™ Kit Only; Retail $434.95
N30604 Full Rear Windshield; Retail $409.95

All National Cycle SxS UTV windshields are proudly made in the U.S.A. and come with their exclusive 3-Year Unbreakable Warranty.

UXV450/700 Windshields

UXV450/700 Windshields

Download high resolution photography of National Cycle's 3D SxS Windshields for the KYMCO UXV450/700.

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