Windscreens for Two New Royal Enfield® Models


Maywood, IL -- Royal Enfield has created two new models -- the off-road inspired Scram 411 and the urban-styled Hunter 350 -- and National Cycle's Deflector Screen is a perfect fit for each.

National Cycle's Deflector Screen™ is the most copied windshield worldwide. But only ours offers the patented no-tool Rake Adjust™ hardware. This simple rake angle adjustment feature has made this small windshield popular among motorcyclists everywhere.

For the Hunter 350, the Deflector Screen attaches to the handlebars with the patented U-Clamp and Eyebolt system.

For the Scram 411, the QuickSet™ version of the Deflector Screen offers easy on-and-off convenience.

Injection-molded polycarbonate with National Cycle's exclusive Quantum® hardcoating ensures that this tough scratch-resistant windshield will last a long, long time.

This is a windshield that is solidly built to go the extra mile -- on-road or off-road!

Height: 15.50" (39.3cm)
Width: 15.00" (38.1cm)

National Cycle polycarbonate Windscreens are protected by a 3-Year Warranty against breakage!

N25030 Deflector Screen; Clear; 7/8" (22mm) U-Clamp Mounts; Retail: $139.95
N25031 Deflector Screen; Tint; 7/8" (22mm) U-Clamp Mounts; Retail: $144.95
N25040 Deflector Screen; Clear; 7/8" (22mm) QuickSet™ Mounts; Retail: $139.95
N25041 Deflector Screen; Tint; 7/8" (22mm) QuickSet™ Mounts; Retail: $144.95

National Cycle products are made in the U.S.A.

Deflector Screen

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