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When Summer turns to Fall (or when Winter turns to Spring), a little extra wind protection is always welcome. That's why we extend the performance envelope of our world class windshields to even greater levels with National Cycle Chrome Lower Deflectors and our popular Hand Deflectors. You'll find riding so much more comfortable with these accessories that you'll just leave them on year-round!
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Cool Weather Deflectors

Chrome Lowers improve the performance of your windshield by preventing unwanted turbulence around your waist and unwanted updrafts on your back. Chrome Lowers can be used together with a SwitchBlade®, Heavy Duty™ or Dakota 4.5™ windshield and a National Cycle Light Bar for an integrated front end appearance.

We engineer our Chrome Lowers with our other accessories for proper clearance and performance. We consider Chrome Lowers a key component to your front end look and guarantee the fit of the product with our SwitchBlade, Heavy Duty and Dakota Windshields, and with our Light Bars.

Superb polishing and chrome plating make National Cycle Chrome Lowers really stand out.

Chrome Lowers are application specific to ensure the correct fit for your bike. Check our Products by Bike section for fitment information for your motorcycle.

SwitchBlade® Chrome Lower Deflectors Heavy Duty™ Chrome Lower Deflectors
Sample Size/Specs Sample Size/Specs

Chrome Plated Steel Uses mount points on SwitchBlade® or Heavy Duty™ windshield mount kits.

Do you hate chilly and damp hands? Does the riding season seem too short?

National Cycle Hand Deflectors are an economical solution for extending the riding season. Coupled with a windshield, Hand Deflectors protect your entire upper body from cold wind and rain.

Hand Deflectors are easy to install. They secure to your bike's mirror mounts, yet allow plenty of room for lever movement and for riders with large gloves.

These hand deflectors make a windshield function like a fairing. They also make heated grips work more effectively.

Hand Deflectors are application specific to ensure the correct fit for your bike. Check our Products by Bike section for fitment information for your motorcycle.

Sample Size/Specifications
Sample Size/Specifications

High Impact Acrylic; Steel Mirror mount hardware included.