ZTechnik® Windscreen Stabilizer Kit for BMW® R1200/1250 GS/GSA

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ZTechnik's Z5220 Windscreen Stabilizer Kit adds support and strength to the OEM windshield mount arms on 2013 and later BMW® R1200/1250 GS/GSA motorcycles.

The Stabilizer Kit securely supports even the tallest ZTechnik Touring Size Windscreen (Z2388; 22.00" Height). The Z5220 Kit also works with all OEM and aftermarket windscreens currently available.

The Stabilizer bracket installs easily and is fully compatible with the OEM windscreen height adjust hardware. Simply loosen the two Stabilizer knobs, adjust the windscreen like you normally do, re-tighten the two knobs, and off you go.

ZTechnik® by National Cycle:
Accessories Exclusively for BMW® Motorcycles.

Additional Information

Material Steel
Material Finish Powdercoated
Color Black

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Customer Reviews

Best Money Spent Review by Bubba
This ZTechnik screen is 10X better than stock. I'm 6' and can see over it at it's highest, but it still creates a quiet bubble around me. It's much easier to see through, too, if you were looking through it.

Money well spent. No need for the stabilizer kit on this one, it's actually only a little taller than stock but so much more effective!
(Posted on 10/5/2020)
Perfect fit... Review by Dean
I chose this over others as it reinforces both sides and does so simply. The installation took maybe 30 minutes at the most, facilitated by accurate and helpful instructions with the unit. Much more rigid and fights the tendency for the screen to lean toward the rider at speed and get lower as a result, meaning the screen height range will be slightly higher than before. Very pleased... Would recommend strongly. (Posted on 3/5/2020)
Strong Product and Recommended for all Windscreens Review by Jeffrey
Very well engineered and fairly easy to install. A little more clarity in why certain bolts needed to be removed (i.e. spring cover) and what leftover OEM hardware is to be expected would have been appreciated. Prolly would have saved me some time getting the spring and spring cover to go back onto the spindle. Thank goodness for YouTube. (Posted on 1/14/2019)
Very functional product! Review by DeadHorseJoe
Installation was easy and straight forward. Good installation instructions. Hardware was difficult to screw into powdercoated parts. Not certain if it was the locktite on the hardware or paint in the threads, maybe both. Didn't have a metric tap to chase the threads. PLEASE include torx drive hardware so that we don't have to carry hex head and torx wrenches. Great functional design that works!!!

ZTECHNIK: "Excessive threadlocker was an early issue that has been resolved in manufacturing." (Posted on 3/19/2017)