VStream® Windscreens for H-D® FLHXS Street Glide™

"My husband recently purchased the VStream® replacement windscreen for his 2014 Street Glide™ Special. The stock windscreen was 4.25 inches high and the VStream was 7.5 inches high. I was skeptical that just a little higher windscreen was going to be enough to make a difference, but WOW, what a difference! With the stock windscreen, I had wind hitting me right in the face and buffeting my helmet so bad I didn't want to ride for more than 25-30 miles because my neck hurt so bad. Now, with the VStream installed, the wind passes right over the top of my head and the buffeting is gone.

"I can't believe the difference. This is a godsend. I recommend this to anyone who rides with a passenger. The added bonus is the fact that it made the bike look better too! Thanks again to National Cycle for your awesome product!"

~ Cheryl S
Las Vegas, NV