Wing Deflectors™; Fairing Mount for GL1800

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What makes a good deflector? Wing Riders: you told us and we responded. You said you wanted a deflector plastic that would not break, a deflector that would stay in your set position (even at speed), and a bracket that would not loosen at the joints.

Our Wing Deflectors™ are made from Polycarbonate and CNC routed for smooth radiuses on all edges. Then each piece is formed with a wind control edge and FMR hardcoated for long lasting scratch resistance.

Wing Deflectors allow maximum temperature control of airflow toward or away from the rider. National Cycle’s unique Swivel Ratchets allow each Deflector to be incrementally adjusted by hand for personalized temperature control. No tools required! These Wing Deflectors are fully road worthy and, once adjusted, they stay in place even at highway speeds.

A unique one-piece steel bracket is designed for maximum strength and chrome plated for a beautiful finish. There are no joints in National Cycle’s brackets, so they can not move out of adjustment.

Additional Information

Material Polycarbonate
Material Finish FMR Hardcoated
Color Medium Gray, 50% Tint
Secondary Material Steel
Secondary Material Finish Chromed

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Includes Mount Kit
FMR Hardcoated
Medium Gray, 50% Tint
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