Paladin® Highway Bars for Honda® VT400/VT750C/C2/C2A Shadow

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Critical engineering procedures and real world on-the-road testing are part of the continuous design process for all our products. Paladin® Highway Bars are no exception. Each set of Highway Bars is a custom fit to your exact model of motorcycle.

From bike to bike, considerations such as floorboards, foot controls, and cornering clearances are just a few of the details why Paladin Highway Bars are designed specifically to your bike.

The thick walled, 1.25" tubing is heavily chrome plated to National Cycle’s industry-leading standards. Paladin Highway Bars are perfect for clamp-on highway pegs. And, in the event of a bike tip-over, they may help protect the bike’s finish and components.

Additional Information

Material Steel
Material Finish High Polished
Color Chrome

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Customer Reviews

What Your Bike Would've Come With Review by Metric Dude
Replaced a highway bar bent after the bike tipped at an intersection.

Ordered these, they are the exact same as what was installed when the bike was new in 2004. So when they say they supply OEM, they mean it. And of course, the quality is excellent. (Posted on 8/1/2020)
Paladin® Highway Bars Review by Gene, Maine
I normally don't get into complimenting a manufacturer for the quality of motorcycle accessories, though I should, so I am making an exception. I have owned a set of the Paladin® P4010 Highway Bars for about five years now, which I have mounted on my 2002 VTX1800 Retro. These bars have saved my bike from serious damage to the gas tank, fenders, mirrors, handlebars, windshield, etc. on more than one occasion. At least three times, I have had to set the bike down in a gravel parking lot, or in a parking area with depressions, usually because of bad footing. The Paladins prevented all major parts from damage. Recently, I actually crashed pretty hard when entering a gravel parking lot at about 10-15mph, as the asphalt pavement edge dropped off about 5 inches right into a 3-inch deep depression. That's like hitting a 7-inch deep pot hole.

I didn't see it coming. The front shocks bottomed out hard, and the front end buckled under quickly. I tumbled off the bike, only to look back at the bike laying on its side in the gravel. I didn't want to pick it up and look at the damage. I just knew it had to be bad. When my riding buddy and I lifted the bike off the ground, I was amazed to see no damage to the vital parts. The Paladins took all the hit, with exception to the bottom edge of my saddlebags, which miraculously held up quite well. The left side Highway Bar hit hard along the bottom curved edge, and bent backwards about 4 inches, far enough to jam the shift lever. I was able to straighten out the Highway Bar, though it received some ugly scratches, and ride away. That was over 1000 miles from home. I have since replaced the damaged set with a new set of Paladins. I swear by these Highway Bars. They have protected my bike from serious, potentially costly damage.

Thanks for an excellent product! (Posted on 10/23/2014)
Paladin® Highway Bars Review by Dennis S., Greenacres, WA
I wanted to let you know that I was very glad to have your P4011 Paladin® Highway Bars on my bike. I have a Honda® VTX1300R, and my wife and I were just starting out on a multi-state road trip. The second morning about 7:00AM we were cruising on the freeway at 70mph and out of the median ran a deer. There was no time for any evasive action on my part. I hit the deer right in the middle and her momentum kicked the front tire out and we began our slide.

My wife went off the bike, slid and then rolled many times. I was still with the bike as it slid to a stop (which seemed to last forever). The left side engine guard wore down halfway, but kept the bike up off my leg. My left hand, however, didn't fare so well, as I lost part of a finger and mangled two others. My driving lights ended up inside the deer.

In reality, we are very lucky to have walked away from this accident.

Is it possible to just sell me just the left side engine guard? I don't even need any mounting hardware as that is still just fine. I definitely want to put your brand back on my bike as I don't want to take a chance with another product. Yours saved my leg and who knows what else. (Posted on 10/23/2014)
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