Cruiseliner™ Saddlebags

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Sometimes you need to carry along more than just a toothbrush and a credit card. National Cycle's popular Cruiseliner™ Saddlebags make it easy to turn your bike into a pack mule for long trips or just around-town convenience.

These durable, locking bags fit almost any cruiser using our model-specific Cruiseliner™ Quick Release Mount Kits.

Cruiseliner™ Saddlebags Applications

N1101Smoothback StyleRed (U.S.) Reflectors
N1103Smoothback StyleAmber (Euro) Reflectors
N1350Inner Duffle Bags

NameRangeReflectorsReflectorsMount KitMount Kit
VTX1800R/S Retro (Specs 1-2-3)2002-06N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB010
VTX1800R/S/T (Specs 1-2-3)2007-08N1101N1103KIT-SBC014KIT-SB014
VTX1800N (Specs 1-2-3)2004-06N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB010
VTX1800N (Specs 1-2-3)2007-08N1101N1103KIT-SBC014KIT-SB014
GL1500C Valkyrie/F6C1997-03N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB006
VT1100C3 Shadow Aero1998-02N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB005
VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre2000-07N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB007
VT750CD Shadow A.C.E Deluxe1997-03N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB003
VT750C Shadow A.C.E.1997-00N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB003
VN2000 Classic/Classic LT2006-10N1101N1103KIT-SBC1051N/A
VN1600 Vulcan Classic2003-08N1101N1103KIT-SBC104N/A
VN1500N Vulcan Classic00-03/05-08N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB103
VN1500T Vulcan 10th Anniversary2006N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB103
VN1500D/E Vulcan Classic1996-04N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB103
VN900B Vulcan Classic/LT/SE2006-16N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB106
VN900C Vulcan Custom2007-16N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB106
C90/C90T Boulevard2005-09N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB204
VL1500LC Intruder LC1998-04N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB204
C50/Black/T/Limited/Boulevard/C800 Intruder2005-16N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB2052
VL800 Intruder Volusia2001-04N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB2052
M50/M50 Black/Boulevard/M800 Intruder2005-09N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB2052
VZ800 Marauder1997-04N1101N1103KIT-SBC2033KIT-SB2033
XVS650A V Star/DragStar Classic1998-15N1101N1103N/AKIT-SB302

2 Requires purchase of (2) additional Part Number 51-515776-000 to fit with OEM backrest on LT model.

3 Bag #897 (longer bolts) required when fitting P9BR205 backrest with Cruiseliner Saddlebags.

4 Low exit exhausts must be used with 2001 and later models (VZ800 Marauder).

Requires Mount Kit

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Product Benefits

Cruiseliner™ Saddlebags are styled for cruisers. Unlike other bags, Cruiseliners are not bilaterally symmetrical – this enables a tight fit and streamlined styling that flows with the lines of the fender.

Cruiseliner saddlebags open easily with a pushbutton lock that flips the lids forward for easy access to the 22-liter interior. The quality hinge permanently fastens the lids to the bags. The interior walls, lids, and seals are designed to keep the contents safe and dry. Two quick-detach quarter-turn fasteners are located securely inside the bags for easy, tool-free installation or removal. One key locks both saddlebags lids.

Molded from an extremely durable polymer blend, then primed and painted gloss black.

Custom painting is easy to do directly over the stock paint. Professional painters recommend a light wet sanding with 400 grit. Then you're ready to paint with any automotive type paint.

Special Note: National Cycle manufactures Cruiseliner™ Saddlebags to mount to a stock motorcycle. All applications requiring the Pocketback style bags (N1100) can use a Smoothback style bag (N1101) as long as the motorcycle's turnsignals are changed or customized for clearance.

Custom Paint

Quality Features

Inner DuffelsAdd Even More Cruiseliner Versatility with Inner Duffel Bags!

Cruiseliner™ N1350 Inner Duffels are stitched to shape so they fit easily into the compartment of the hard bags. The generous size conforms to the inside cavity with room to spare. These well-constructed duffels are made from 600 denier polyester with a waterproof coating. A two-way zipper allows easy access in and out of the bag.

These features, along with the sturdy nylon web handles, make it easy to remove and carry your items without removing the hard saddlebags from the bike.


ReflectorsN1100 and N1101 Cruiseliner™ Saddlebags come with DOT-approved red reflectors. If you require amber reflectors, order N1102 or N1103.

Cruiseliner Mount Kits are sold separately.