VStream® Tall Touring Replacement Screen for BMW® S1000RR

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VStream® revolutionizes windscreen performance! The advanced "V" shape and dimensional contours push the wind vortex out and away from the rider's helmet, resulting in a peaceful, quiet environment This improvement is notable for the passenger as well.

The extra-tall Z2480 is the perfect choice for long, cross-country days in the saddle, or for S1000RR riders who are taller than average.

Tough 4.5mm FMR coated polycarbonate gives these VStream windscreens outstanding clarity and strength characteristics unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide. They are 3X more resistant to abrasion than acrylic materials, and have 20X greater crack and impact resistance.

Covered by ZTechnik's 3-Year Warranty against breakage!

ZTechnik® by National Cycle:
Accessories Exclusively for BMW® Motorcycles.

Additional Information

Windscreen VStream®
Material Polycarbonate
Material Finish FMR Hardcoated
Color Light Gray, 26% Tint
Thickness 4.5mm
Secondary Material None
Secondary Material Finish N/A
Mount Type Stock Mount Points

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Customer Reviews

VStream® Review by Jim W.
I got a chance to do about two hours riding last week to test the Tall ZTechnik® VStream® Windscreen on the S1000RR and my overall impression was good. I am 6'4" tall so the screen hits me just below the helmet in the normal riding position. There was almost no buffeting at speeds up to the 80-85 mph range and very little on the freeway. I didn't test it near any semi-trucks as they generate so much turbulence that it's hard to tell any difference. The airflow seems to go around the screen and hits my shoulders. The benefit of that is it takes some of the weight off the wrists, but the factory screen lets more air hit you in the chest and does some of the same lifting/support. If you duck down behind the screen, the wind noise in your helmet is slightly better, but one couldn't ride very far in that position! Shorter riders should really get the benefit of this screen throwing air over their helmets.

There is a small amount of distortion when you look through it, but that's to be expected with all those tough curves. The look is also better than the factory design as it looks like more of a true racing shield. In summary, there were several positives for me and no negatives. (Posted on 1/20/2015)
FMR Hardcoated
Uses OEM Hardware
Light Gray, 26% Tint

Height: 18.70" (47.5cm)
Width: 13.50" (34.3cm)

Measured vertically from the bottom center edge to the top of the screen, and horizontally across the back at the widest point.

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