Heavy Duty™ Windshields

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Long favored by cruising riders because of their ruggedness and protection, ZTechnik® Heavy Duty™ Windshields are available in two heights for comfort, versatility and good looks.

ZTechnik Heavy Duty windshields are not "universals". They use our model-specific Mount Kit (sold separately) to ensure excellent fitment, ease of installation, and flexible height adjustment.

Heavy Duty™ Windshields Applications

Part No.ModelYearsPolycarbonateHeightWidth
N2220R850/1200C Avantgarde2000-03Quantum; Clear19.00-21.00" (48.2-53.3cm)19.00" (48.3cm)
N2220R850/1200C Classic1996-05Quantum; Clear19.00-21.00" (48.2-53.3cm)19.00" (48.3cm)
N2220R850/1200C Euro1998-02Quantum; Clear19.00-21.00" (48.2-53.3cm)19.00" (48.3cm)
N2220R1200C Montana2000-03Quantum; Clear19.00-21.00" (48.2-53.3cm)19.00" (48.3cm)
N2220R1200C Stiletto2000-03Quantum; Clear19.00-21.00" (48.2-53.3cm)19.00" (48.3cm)
N2221R850/1200C Avantgarde2000-03Quantum; Clear14.25-16.00" (36.2-40.6cm)18.75" (47.6cm)
N2221R850/1200C Classic1996-05Quantum; Clear14.25-16.00" (36.2-40.6cm)18.75" (47.6cm)
N2221R850/1200C Euro1998-02Quantum; Clear14.25-16.00" (36.2-40.6cm)18.75" (47.6cm)
N2221R1200C Montana2000-03Quantum; Clear14.25-16.00" (36.2-40.6cm)18.75" (47.6cm)
N2221R1200C Stiletto2000-03Quantum; Clear14.25-16.00" (36.2-40.6cm)18.75" (47.6cm)
Part No.NamePolycarbonate
21220Replacement Screen for N2220Quantum; Clear
21221Replacement Screen for N2221Quantum; Clear
21290Replacement Screen for N2290Quantum; Clear
23020Standard Round Lower WindowQuantum; Clear

All Heavy Duty™ Windshield applications for BMW R Series C motorcycles require Mount Kit #KIT-BI.

HxWWindscreens are measured vertically from the top of the screen to the bottom center point. All widths are measured in a straight horizontal line across the back of the screen at its widest point.

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Product Benefits

The Custom Heavy Duty™ and Low Boy Heavy Duty™ Windshields offer excellent wind protection, the perfect classic look, and the toughest windshield material available: Quantum® hardcoated polycarbonate, exclusively from ZTechnik by National Cycle.

Heavy Duty Windshields mount to model-specific Heavy Duty Mount Kits for a guaranteed perfect fit.

Heavy Duty Windshields

Quality Features

Edge QualityTheMount Kit Custom and Low Boy Heavy Duty™ are made from 4.0mm thick polycarbonate with ZTechnik's exclusive Quantum® Hardcoating for the toughest, most scratch resistant windshield you can get... anywhere!

These Heavy Duty WIndshields feature polished, chromed steel outer hardware and glare-free black epoxy painted inner hardware.

All Heavy Duty WIndshields are precision cut and drilled and have computer routed, smooth radiused edges.

Our quality is the best in the industry.


Impact ResistanceCrack Resistance

Constructed of 4.0mm Quantum® hardcoated polycarbonate for unbeatable impact and crack resistance, as well as excellent abrasion resistance.

Quantum Scratch Resistance3=Year Warranty

All National Cycle polycarbonate windshields are covered by our 3-Year Warranty against breakage!