Heavy Duty™ Windshields

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To: $544.90

Long favored by cruising riders because of their ruggedness and protection, National Cycle Heavy Duty™ Windshields are available in a variety of heights and styles to provide comfort and good looks.

National Cycle Heavy Duty windshields are not "universals". They use our model-specific mounting kits (sold separately) to ensure excellent fitment, ease of installation, and flexible height adjustment.

Heavy Duty™ Windshields Applications

Part No.NameColorHardcoating
N2220Custom Heavy Duty™ WindshieldClearQuantum®
N2221Low Boy Heavy Duty™ WindshieldClearQuantum®
N2290Ranger Heavy Duty™ WindshieldClearQuantum®
N2210Touring Heavy Duty™ WindshieldClearQuantum®
N2211Touring Heavy Duty™ WindshieldClearQuantum®
N2270Chopped Heavy Duty™ WindshieldClearQuantum®
N2271Chopped Heavy Duty™ WindshieldClearQuantum®
N2272Chopped Heavy Duty™ WindshieldClearQuantum®
5-Bolt Pattern; Standard Round
Adjustable Middle Window
N2230Beaded Heavy Duty WindshieldClear/Clear LowersFMR
N2231Beaded Heavy Duty WindshieldClear/Red LowersFMR
N2232Beaded Heavy Duty WindshieldClear/Blue LowersFMR
N2233Beaded Heavy Duty WindshieldClear/Black LowersFMR
5-Bolt Pattern; Early FL-Style Notched
Adjustable Middle Window
N2234Beaded Heavy Duty WindshieldClear/Black LowersFMR
N2235Beaded Heavy Duty WindshieldClear/Clear LowersFMR
N2236Beaded Heavy Duty WindshieldClear/Red LowersFMR
N2237Beaded Heavy Duty WindshieldClear/Blue LowersFMR
5-Bolt Pattern; 1949-59 FL-Style
Adjustable Middle Window
N2239Beaded Heavy Duty Windshield; Pointed TopClear/Red LowersFMR
N2240Beaded Heavy Duty Windshield; Pointed TopClear/Clear LowersFMR
Part No.NameColorHardcoating
21220Replacement Screen for N2220ClearQuantum®
21221Replacement Screen for N2221ClearQuantum®
21290Replacement Screen for N2290ClearQuantum®
21210Replacement Screen for N2210/N2211ClearQuantum®
21270Replacement Screen for N2270/N2271/N2272ClearQuantum®
Top Section for National Cycle
5-Bolt Pattern Hardware
20000Standard Rounded TopClearFMR
20001Vintage Style Pointed TopClearFMR
Bottom Sections for National Cycle
5-Bolt Pattern Hardware
22000Bottom SectionClearN/A
22001Bottom SectionRedN/A
22002Bottom SectionBlueN/A
22003Bottom SectionBlackN/A
Adjustable Middle Windows for
5-Bolt or OEM 7-Bolt Pattern Hardware
230101960-84 FL-Style Notched Lower WindowClearN/A
230111960-84 FL-Style Notched Lower WindowRedN/A
230121960-84 FL-Style Notched Lower WindowBlueN/A
230131960-84 FL-Style Notched Lower WindowBlackN/A
230151949-59 FL-Style Lower WindowClearN/A
230161949-59 FL-Style Lower WindowRedN/A
230171949-59 FL-Style Lower WindowBlueN/A
230181959-59 FL-Style Lower WindowBlackN/A
23020Standard Round Lower WindowClearN/A
23021Standard Round Lower WindowRedN/A
23022Standard Round Lower WindowBlueN/A
23023Standard Round Lower WindowBlackN/A
230301977-93 FLHS-Style Lower WindowClearN/A
230311977-93 FLHS-Style Lower WindowRedN/A
230321977-93 FLHS-Style Lower WindowBlueN/A
230331977-93 FLHS-Style Lower WindowBlackN/A
National Cycle Heavy Duty™ Mount Kits are model-specific. Use the "PRODUCTS BY BIKE" menu to choose your year, make and model motorcycle to see which Mount Kit fits your bike.
Quantum® Hardcoated
Requires Mount Kit
Fixed Fork Mount Hardware
Fixed Fork Mount Hardware

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Product Benefits

Heavy Duty™ Windshields mount to our Heavy Duty Mount Kits. These are not quick release windshields, though once the Mount Kit (sold separately) is installed, removing the windshield takes just a few minutes. These traditional, classic-style windshield feature an adjustable center window around the headlight cutout.

Mount Kits are specific to your model bike, and allow you to mount any of six different Heavy Duty Windshields. Generally, if you have wide spacing between the fork tubes, a Heavy Duty Wide Frame windshield will look best. Heavy Duty Narrow Frame Windshields look best on bikes with narrow spacing between fork tubes.

Heavy Duty Lineup

Wide Frame Heavy Duty™ Windshields

Touring Heavy Duty™
A perennial best seller, it offers plenty of height and width for larger riders. It's perfect for long-range touring.

Chopped Heavy Duty™
Provides excellent protection for the chest and shoulders, and enables most riders to look over the screen. Works great on bikes with low seat heights.

Beaded Heavy Duty™
This is an authentic three-piece beaded construction and is the best there is. This timeless classic is available with a clear top and your choice of a clear, red, blue or black lower section and window.

Narrow Frame Heavy Duty™ Windshields

Custom Heavy Duty™
This is one of our most popular windshields and offers plenty of height with a slim profile for riders who want to tour longer distances.

Low Boy Heavy Duty™
This is the cut down version of the Custom. It's the perfect choice for riders sitting low in the saddle or for the rider that likes a low screen.

Ranger Heavy Duty™
The minimalist Ranger cuts the slim profile to its limits for the rider who wants just a small shield. The Ranger looks great on performance-oriented bikes.


Quality Features

Edge QualityTheMount Kit Touring, Chopped, Custom, Low Boy and Ranger Heavy Duty™ are made from 4.0mm thick polycarbonate with National Cycle's exclusive Quantum® Hardcoating for the toughest, most scratch resistant windshield you can get... anywhere!

These Heavy Duty WIndshields feature polished, chromed steel outer hardware and glare-free black epoxy painted inner hardware.

Our Beaded Heavy Duty is made from 4.0mm thick Lexan® polycarbonate with FMR hardcoating. The traditional beaded edge is applied without glue. Outer hardware is polished, chromed steel and inner hardware is high polished zinc.

All Heavy Duty WIndshields are precision cut and drilled and have computer routed, smooth radiused edges.

Our quality is the best in the industry.


Impact ResistanceCrack Resistance

Constructed of 4.0mm Quantum® hardcoated polycarbonate for unbeatable impact and crack resistance, as well as excellent abrasion resistance (Beaded Heavy Duty is FMR hardcoated).

Quantum Scratch Resistance3=Year Warranty

All National Cycle polycarbonate windshields are covered by our 3-Year Warranty against breakage!