Cast Fender Tips and Speedo Cowls

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This hallmark product of National Cycle (our legendary original designs patented in the 1940s) has been painstakingly refined for today's cruiser motorcycles. With our old-world casting methods, the shape and details that distinguish our Fender Tips really stand out.

You may also like our cast Speedometer Cowls. They not only add some stylish chrome to your bike, but they prevent instrument glare on your windshield when riding at night.

Cast Fender Tips and Speedo Cowls Applications
ModelYearsFront FenderRear FenderSpeedo Cowl
VTX1800C (Specs 1-2-3)2002-07N/AN7002N/A
VTX1800R/S Retro (Specs 1-2-3)2002-07N7003N7004N/A
GL1500C Valkyrie/F6C1997-03N715*N716N/A
GL1500C Valkyrie/F6CT2000-02N715*N716N/A
VT1300CR Stateline2010-16N7052N7053N/A
VT1300CT Interstate2010-16N7052N7053TBA
VT1100C3 Aero1997-02N735N736N/A
VT1100C2 Sabre2000-07N733N734N/A
VT1100C2 Shadow A.C.E.1995-99N717*N/AN/A
VT1100C Shadow Spirit1997-07N731*N732N/A
VT1100 Shadow1995-97N731*N732N/A
VT1100 Shadow1987-94N731*N732N/A
VT750C2A/B Shadow Phantom/Black Spirit2010-16N/AN/AN7821
VT750C Shadow Aero2004-09N7015N7016N7821
VT750C Shadow Aero2011-16N7015N7016N7821
VT750CD Shadow A.C.E. Deluxe1997-03N733N734N/A
VT750C Shadow A.C.E.1997-00N733N734N/A
VT750C2 Shadow Spirit2007-15N/AN/AN7821
VT600C/CD Shadow VLX/DLX1988-07N725*N726N/A
VN2000 Classic/LT2006-10N7011N7012N7811
VN1700 Vulcan Nomad2009-15N7023N7024N7811
VN1700 Vulcan Voyager2009-15N7023N7024TBD
VN1700 Vulcan Classic/LT2009-13N7023N7024N7811
VN1600 Vulcan Classic2003-08N7013N7014N/A
VN1600 Vulcan Nomad2005-08N739FF/N739RFN7014N/A
VN1500G1 Vulcan Nomad1998-04N739FF/N739RFN720N/A
VN1500N Vulcan Classic00-03/05-08N724*N720N/A
VN1500T Vulcan2006N724*N720N/A
VN1500D/E Vulcan Classic1996-04N724*N720N/A
VN900B Vulcan 900 Classic/LT/SE2006-16N7021N7022N7810
VN900C Vulcan 900 Custom2007-16N/AN7020N7810
VN800B Vulcan Classic1996-05N719*N721N/A
C90/C90T B.O.S.S. Boulevard2014-15N7017N7018N/A
C90/C90T Boulevard2005-09N7017N7018N/A
V1500LC Intruder LC1998-04N737N738N7820
S83 Boulevard2005-08N722*N723N/A
VS1400 Intruder1987-04N722*N723N/A
VS1400 Intruder (Flat Bar)1987-89N722*N723N/A
C50/Black/T/Limited Boulevard/C800 Intruder2009-13N/AN/AN7820
C50/Black/T/Limited Boulevard/C800 Intruder2007-08N7007N7008N7820
C50/Black/T/Limited Boulevard/C800 Intruder2005-06N7007N7008N7820
VL800 Intruder Volusia2001-04N7007N7008N7820
S50 Boulevard/S800 Intruder2005-09N722*N/AN/A
VS800 Intruder1992-04N722*N/AN/A
M50/M50 Black Boulevard/M800 Intruder2010-15TBDTBDTBD
VZ800 Marauder1997-04N/AN730N/A
VS750 Intruder1988-91N722*N/AN/A
VS700 Intruder1985-87N722*N/AN/A
VS600 Intruder1995-98N722*N/AN/A
Rocket III2004-09N7070N7071N/A
XV1700 Road Star/Silverado/Silverado S2004-14N7032N7033N/A
XV1600 Road Star/Wild Star/Silverado1999-03N7032N7033N/A
XV1600AS Road Star MM Limited2000N7032N7033N/A
XVS1300AT V Star 1300 Tourer2007-15N7030N7031N7830
XVS1300A V Star 13002007-15N7030N7031N7830
XVS1100 V Star/DragStar Custom1999-11N727*N/AN/A
XVS650 V Star/DragStar Custom1997-16N727*N/AN/A

All Front Fender Tips are two-piece kits; Front of Front Fender/Rear of Front Fender (except where noted).

* One-piece kit; Front of Front Fender only.

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Product Benefits

Fender Tips Sets

Create the perfect fender treatment for your cruiser motorcycle! National Cycle Cast Fender Tips are an economical way to add that finishing touch to your customized bike.

National Cycle's Fender Tips are custom designed and clay modeled directly on the bike. They are sized for each model's front and rear fenders, so sizes will vary.

Speedo CowlOur half-moon style Speedometer Cowls are also a perfect fit for your traditional tank console speedometer.

It will be hard to find accessories like these that will add so much to your bike at such a reasonable cost.

Quality Features


Back in the 1940s, National Cycle patented the classic "airstreamer" style fender tip that practically defined the American cruiser look.

This hallmark product has been painstakingly refined and updated for today's motorcycles. By casting the product, the shape and high crown details that distinguish these tips really stand out.

These are not ordinary fender tips! Our cast tips have a jewel-quality chrome finish with a show bike polish. Like all our products, National Cycle Cast Fender Tips are Made in U.S.A.


CastingNational Cycle Fender Tips and Speedometer Cowls are carefully hand cast from zinc alloy, meticulously hand polished, and then chrome plated.

Fender Tips are mounted with countersunk outside screws or concealed screw mounts, which will vary depending on application. Hardware is determined by best styling and fit.

Our Speedometer Cowls install easily with 3M® adhesive tape.

These products fit a wide range of models, and new applications are always in development. Click the SHOP menu for fitment information for your motorcycle.